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A message from Allstate:

Systemic racism is pervasive and we must not be complicit by inaction or silence. For our society to eliminate the inequities in America, each of us needs to have the will to change, the heart to trust and the energy to lead. We are conducting a top-to-bottom review of our operating practices, pay and promotions for people of color and women to further promote equity and equality at Allstate.

Through the Allstate Foundation we will focus on accelerating equity and helping drive systemic change. Further, we are observing Juneteenth as an annual company holiday to provide Allstaters the opportunity to reflect on this monumental event and engage in their communities.

Inclusive Diversity

At Allstate, we embrace our differences, which help us deliver better results for those we serve.

Our collective differences, backgrounds, educations and cultures create an inclusive environment where we encourage and embrace diverse perspectives. We work harder, meet customer needs more effectively and are accepted for who we are.

We strive for a workforce that mirrors the diversity of the customers and communities we serve. We're committed to being a force for positive change.

We've made inclusive diversity a priority at every level of Allstate. Research repeatedly demonstrates that inclusive diversity contributes to employee:

  • Satisfaction
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Engagement
  • Community involvement

We are stronger because of our individual capabilities, ideas and perspectives.

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Guiding Principles for Inclusive Diversity

Inclusive diversity is fundamental to our success and guides the way we approach our work as well as the world around us. Five key tenets form our guiding principles around inclusion and diversity.

Allstate's Governance Structure

Our corporate policies and practices related to inclusive diversity guide our leaders.

Our Shared Purpose — which outlines Allstate's vision, corporate goals, values, priorities, and operating and leadership principles — highlights inclusive diversity as one of our five core values.

Our employees understand the power of collectively living Our Shared Purpose and use it to guide our business pursuits. Inclusive diversity cascades through all levels of the company and is reinforced in our Global Code of Business Conduct.

Allstate leverages an Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council (EDLC), Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Agency Owner Advisory Groups to improve the attraction, retention, development and advancement of diverse talent. 17 percent of Allstate officers are engaged either as EDLC members or ERG sponsors.

Operating Practices

We live into Our Shared Purpose every day; our inclusive culture and value for diversity are strengthened through day-to-day activities and standard practices that encourage us to keep the focus on our values.

Supplier Diversity

Allstate established its supplier diversity program in 2003, and in the 17 years since has integrated it fully across all levels of the organization. The company maintains membership with select organization to help identify successful practices in supplier diversity, conduct national benchmarking and connect with diverse suppliers in a variety of forums.

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