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Inclusive Diversity

The Power Of Inclusive Diversity.

At Allstate, we believe diversity is critical to meeting the needs of the diverse customers that we serve. That's why inclusive diversity is one of our core values and a central part of our culture and business strategy. We continue to strive to reflect our customers to further enable the connection between agents and diverse customers. As a result of these efforts, Allstate is bringing unique perspectives to our workforce, providing opportunities for small and diverse businesses, and better serving more diverse and multicultural customers.

More than 45 media publications and associations that monitor diversity and workplace issues have recognized Allstate's commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Workforce Diversity

Allstate believes diversity is one of the organization's greatest strengths and is committed to providing a diverse culture and inclusive working environment.

See how Allstate is dedicated to providing workforce diversity.

Marketplace Diversity

In order to evolve with the ever-changing marketplace, Allstate continues to grow with its customers and the communities they live and work in.

Take a look at Allstate's efforts to adapt to marketplace diversity.

Community Diversity

The people we serve are so much more than just customers to our agents—they are neighbors, friends and familiar faces. This ability to connect and serve sets our agents apart from the others.

Learn more about Allstate's commitment to community diversity.

Employee Resource Groups

To foster a positive, inspirational and inclusive work environment, Allstate has established a number of employee resource groups to unite coworkers with one another.

View Allstate's various employee resource groups.

Supply Chain Diversity

Allstate likes to support small and diverse businesses, understanding that their success not only benefits the Allstate organization, but also local communities. See Allstate's commitment to providing supply chain diversity.

Allstate Events & Initiatives

Each year Allstate is involved in helping a number of programs, events and organizations that support minority or diverse groups across the country.

Learn more about Allstate's diversity events and initiatives


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