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Inclusive Diversity

The Power Of Inclusive Diversity.

At Allstate, we embrace our differences, which help us deliver better results for those we serve.

Inclusive diversity is one of Allstate's core values. We hold each other accountable to encourage and embrace our collective differences. It's our individual characteristics, values and beliefs, along with backgrounds and experiences that give us fresh perspective and purpose. We work harder, meet customer needs more effectively, share better, and identify more innovative ideas when we are accepted for who we are by the world around us. Our success comes from a chorus of many different voices. At Allstate, every voice counts.

Allstate's workforce reflects:

  • Individual Characteristics: Age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc.
  • Values and Beliefs: Religion, attitude, lifestyles, political views, etc.

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Our commitment to inclusive diversity influences how we do business; it helps us connect with our customers and each other.

2019 Diversity Inc Logos.

Allstate has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity by DiversityInc for 13 consecutive years.

Workforce Diversity

Allstate believes diversity is one of the organization's greatest strengths and is committed to providing a diverse culture and inclusive working environment.

See how Allstate is dedicated to providing workforce diversity.

Marketplace Diversity

In order to evolve with the ever-changing marketplace, Allstate continues to grow with its customers and the communities they live and work in.

Take a look at Allstate's efforts to adapt to marketplace diversity.

Community Diversity

The people we serve are so much more than just customers to our agents—they are neighbors, friends and familiar faces. This ability to connect and serve sets our agents apart from the others.

Learn more about Allstate's commitment to community diversity.

Employee Resource Groups

To foster a positive, inspirational and inclusive work environment, Allstate has established a number of employee resource groups to unite coworkers with one another.

View Allstate's various employee resource groups.

Supply Chain Diversity

Allstate likes to support small and diverse businesses, understanding that their success not only benefits the Allstate organization, but also local communities. See Allstate's commitment to providing supply chain diversity.

Allstate Events & Initiatives

Each year Allstate is involved in helping a number of programs, events and organizations that support minority or diverse groups across the country.

Learn more about Allstate's diversity events and initiatives.

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