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Protecting your children from online threats

A mother sitting on a couch with her daughter looking at a laptop.

What is Allstate
Cyber Safety for Parents?

Protecting older children online has never seemed so complicated. With the constant emergence of new technologies, apps, and social media platforms, keeping our children safe from online elements that may negatively impact their mental or physical health can be a tall task.

With Allstate Cyber Safety for Parents, we will equip you with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate online threats to older children, which are listed in our key topics.

What are the
key topics of the presentation?

  • Understanding the statistical risks your child faces
  • The dangers of social media and gaming apps
  • How to speak to your child about safe technology use

What does a session involve?

Sessions are available in-person or virtually, and will run for 45 minutes to one hour, with time for audience Q&A

Every child deserves to feel safe online.
Every parent deserves to feel that their child is safe.

Our program delivery

We offer group bookings, and host open sessions for all throughout the year. Please contact for inquiries.

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