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Empowering older adults to stay safe online

A young woman helping an older woman with her computer.

What is Allstate Cyber Safety for older adults?

Did you know individuals over the age of 60 are more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals?

To promote awareness of this threat, a team of passionate cybersecurity employees at Allstate developed a program for Older Adults to help them navigate the internet safely and with confidence.

What does a training session involve?

Our interactive training will go over common email and telephone scams pertaining to fraud, identity protection and general cybersecurity awareness such as password protection and privacy settings.

The three key topics covered in each session are:

  • Fraud and identity protection
  • Email and telephone scams involving phishing
  • General awareness on topics like password protection and privacy settings

Throughout the session we reinforce the message to:

Stop, think, check.

Why should you sign up?

Everyone deserves to feel safe online. Allstate Cyber Safety training gives older adults the tools they need to navigate the internet securely. Every session is interactive with open discussion between participants and the presenters.

Our program delivery

We facilitate monthly sessions for individuals. Alternatively, we offer private group booking upon request. Contact to make an inquiry.

What happens after the session?

At the end of the session each participant will receive a cyber safety guide with key topics covered in the training to use as a reference resource at home.

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