Critical illness insurance

Extra coverage for more peace of mind.

Rising health care costs and high deductibles can cause added strain when a critical illness diagnosis happens. Critical Illness Insurance from Allstate Benefits can help ease the financial burden, so your employees can concentrate on getting better. Lump-sum cash benefits are paid directly to your employees or their covered family members to help with treatment expenses. And, benefit payments may be used for anything your employees and their families wish – there are no restrictions.

Protection for life's uncertainties.

Critical Illness Insurance pays benefits at the time of diagnosis, whether further treatment is received or not. Benefits are paid for medical diagnoses such as:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Other specified diagnoses

Hospital indemnity insurance

Coverage for hospital stays.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance from Allstate Benefits pays benefits for hospital stays due to sickness or injury. Your covered employees and their eligible family members can use their benefit payments to help cover hospital costs, related expenses or anything they wish. Benefits can be paid for:

  • First day hospital confinement
  • Daily hospital confinement
  • Intensive care unit confinement

Cancer Insurance

Coverage that can help with leftover expenses.

A cancer diagnosis can be frightening enough without having to worry about the costs of treatment and how your employees will pay associated expenses. Cancer Insurance from Allstate Benefits can help ease that financial burden. Coverage is available for your employees and their eligible family members. Benefits can be used to help cover:

  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor bills
  • Co-pays and deductibles
  • Personal and daily expenses

To learn more about helping protect your employees and your business, talk to your local Allstate agent about Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Cancer Insurance from Allstate Benefits.