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We Asked Kids: What is Insurance?

Published: June 2016

As adults, we know what insurance is and the important purpose it serves. But that wasn't always the case. As this video illustrates, when we were kids, we probably didn't really have the basics down. So when it comes to the value of insurance, a little education may go a long way.

Video Transcript

[text on screen] We Asked Kids: What Is Insurance?

0:04 [Boy #1] Um…

0:05 [Girl #1] Ummm…

0:06 [Boy #2] No spoken words, he just looks up, shakes head and shrugs.

0:07 [Girl #2] Hmm…

0:09 [Girl #3] Ummmm… It's like if…

0:12 [Girl #4] For example, if your house burned down then you would get paid by the insurance company some money…

0:23 [Boy #2] It just makes me feel like I'm going to be able to keep everything and it's not going to be, like, taken away from me.

0:31 [Girl #1] It's people who support you through tough times.

[text on screen] What Would You Insure?

0:38 [Girl #2] One thing?

0:40 [Girl #3] When I was sick one time, my dad bought me a stuffed animal and I named him Cleo, and he's really important to me too.

0:49 [Girl #2] It's an elephant. My grandma got it for me.

0:52 [Boy #1} My Xbox. (laughs) I beat my dad a lot on Xbox. (giggles)

0:58 [Girl #5] Pictures and stuff that you can see from like your past and see how cute you were.

1:04 [Girl #1] My family and all my friends, cause I really care about them.


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