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Ask an Agent: What is Off-Road Vehicle Insurance?

Published: July 2016

Off-road vehicle insurance may help pay to repair vehicles such as ATVs or snowmobiles if you have an accident. Off-road vehicle insurance typically also provides liability coverage that may help pay for damages if you cause an accident or damage someone else's property while driving your vehicle.

Watch the video to hear Allstate agency owner Ken Shields tell the story of a customer whose snowmobile was totaled after he drove it off-trail at night, hitting a concrete culvert, and how his insurance helped him.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ken Shields and I'm an Allstate agency owner in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I'll be talking about off-road vehicle insurance. This type of policy helps protect a vehicle such as an ATV or snowmobile that isn't driven on regular roads.

An off-road policy typically helps protect your vehicle from certain losses, such as theft or damage to it after an accident. It also provides liability protection if you cause an accident or damage someone else's property.

One day a customer called asking about coverage for a used snowmobile. I explained the coverages a policy may offer and he purchased one, but never thought he'd need to use it.

About four months later, he was snowmobiling at night, drove slightly off the trail, and hit a concrete culvert. It was covered with snow and he just didn't see it.

Nobody was hurt, but the snowmobile was pretty beat up. The collision resulted in bent skis and damage to the front end and tread. The damage to the snowmobile would have cost more to repair than the snowmobile was worth.

His insurance paid out just over $4,500, which was the value of the snowmobile minus his $500 deductible. The snowmobile had to be towed from the scene, and he had coverage for that as well. He was thrilled with how smooth the insurance process turned out to be.

If he hadn't had off-road vehicle insurance, he would have needed to pay out of pocket to replace the snowmobile.


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