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Insurance Protection for Wherever Life Takes You

Insurance can help protect what matters most to you, whether you're a landlord who needs to insure a rental property or a pet owner who's looking for help with vet bills. Buying a new car? It's a good idea to review the different types of auto insurance coverage. Planning a big trip? You may want to look into travel insurance. Or, maybe you're shopping for a motorcycle. You'll likely be required to have motorcycle insurance before you drive your bike off the lot.

Here, you can explore different types of insurance policies and the coverage they offer.

Common Types of Insurance

Additional Types of Insurance

Dad hugging his teen son.
Retirement Savings

Learn about retirement savings options, from annuities and mutual funds to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s.

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Father baking with his two children.
College Savings

Get the basics on 529 College Savings Plans and how they can help fund your child's higher education.

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Mature couple sitting on a dock by their boat.
Boat Insurance

See how a boat insurance policy can help protect you and your vessel during boating season and the off-season.

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Spice shop owner handing bags to a customer.
Business Insurance

Own a small business? Explore ways you can help protect it, from a basic business owners policy (BOP) to more specialized coverages.

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Young couple cuddling in their living room.
Condo Insurance

A condo association's insurance policy doesn't usually cover what's inside your condo unit. Get info on how condo insurance can help protect you and your belongings.

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Bride and groom figurines on a wedding cake.
Event Insurance

If you're getting married or hosting another type of celebration, event insurance can help protect your investment in the special occasion.

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Flooded street and homes.
Flood Insurance

Home insurance typically doesn't cover flood damage. Learn how flood insurance works, how to buy a policy and what it helps protect.

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Woman's hand holding cellphone and credit card.
Identity Restoration

If you're affected by identity theft, identity restoration coverage can help. Get reimbursed for certain costs associated with restoring your stolen identity.

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Landlord letting a young couple into their new rental unit.
Landlord Insurance

Renting out a property that you own? Help protect your rental against risks like fire, hail and lightning damage with landlord insurance.

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Person holding a helmet with motorcycle in background.
Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can help protect you, your passengers and your bike if you're involved in an accident. You may even be able to customize your policy with coverage for custom equipment and more.

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Mom petting a dog while her son looks on.
Pet Insurance

Insurance coverage for your furry family members may help pay for emergency vet visits, prescription costs and even routine checkups.

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Couple sitting on the step of their motorhome.
Power Sports Insurance

Whether you own a motorhome, off-road vehicle or snowmobile, you may want to consider insuring it. Explore the types of policies and coverage available to help protect your adventures.

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Dad and two daughters washing their car in the driveway.
Umbrella Insurance

A personal umbrella policy allows you to increase your liability coverage limits beyond what's provided by a home or auto insurance policy. Learn how this type of insurance works.

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Young woman lying on bed among travel items.
Travel Insurance

Help protect your investment in a long-distance or expensive trip. Travel insurance may help recoup costs if you have to unexpectedly cancel or delay your trip. It may also help cover lost or stolen baggage.

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