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Snowmobile Safety: 7 Hand Signals to Know

Published: January 2017

When operating any type of vehicle, it's important to know the rules of the road. That goes for off-roading, too. When driving a snowmobile, understanding and using the proper hand signals may help keep you and your fellow riders safe.

Here are seven key hand signals to know while driving a snowmobile this winter.

Video Transcript

While riding a snowmobile, hand signals are an essential way to communicate your next action to those around you. Remembering and using these 7 hand gestures correctly may help keep all the riders traveling in your group safe.

To signal you're STOPPING, extend your left arm straight up into the air so that it's raised over your head. Keep the palm of your hand flat.

To signal a LEFT TURN, extend your left arm straight out so that it's in line with your shoulder. Your arm will be pointing in the direction of the turn.

To signal a RIGHT TURN, bend your left arm and raise it to shoulder height. Extend your forearm vertically into the air and keep the palm of your hand flat.

To signal you're SLOWING DOWN, extend your left arm out and down. Move your hand in a downward flapping motion towards your vehicle.

To signal that there are ONCOMING SNOWMOBILES, bend the elbow of your left arm and extend your forearm into the air. Bend your wrist so that it is pointing to the right. Then, move your arm from left to right over your head.

To signal that there are SNOWMOBILES FOLLOWING behind, bend your arm and raise it in the air. Then point your thumb backwards while moving your arm forward and backwards over your shoulder.

To signal that you are the LAST RIDER IN LINE, bend your left arm and raise it to shoulder height. Extend your forearm vertically into the air, clenching your hand into a fist.


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