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Do I Need ATV Insurance?

Updated: June 2017

ATV insurance may be a legal requirement, depending on where you ride, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). For instance, many states require you to carry ATV insurance if you ride on state-owned property, according to the III. In Pennsylvania, for example, you're required to carry proof of liability insurance any time you ride your ATV off your own land.

But, even if you are not required to have ATV insurance, it is still one way you may be able to help protect your all-terrain vehicle and yourself should the unexpected occur.

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What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

ATV insurance may help protect you, your ATV and even other people and their property, in case you're involved in an accident. Here's a look at some of the coverages an ATV insurance policy may include:

  • Liability coverage.
    If you cause an accident that results in someone being hurt or that causes damage to another person's property, this coverage may help you pay for the other person's medical bills or the costs to repair damage to their property.
  • Collision coverage.
    If your ATV is damaged after you hit another vehicle or another object, such as a fence, this coverage may help cover the cost of repairing your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive coverage.
    Suppose your ATV is damaged by something other than a collision — fire or hail, for instance. This coverage may help pay to fix the damage.

Your agent can help you understand the ins and outs of these coverages and their limits. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says you may want to ask the following questions:

  • Are there age restrictions on who may operate my ATV?
  • Does my policy cover other people who may operate my ATV?

Do Car Insurance or Homeowners Insurance Cover My ATV?

You may not be able to rely on your car or homeowners insurance to protect your ATV.

ATVs aren't covered by a standard auto insurance policy, according to the NAIC. And while some homeowners policies may help protect you when you're driving your ATV, the NAIC says they'll likely offer limited coverage.

Talk to your agent to with any questions about whether your current policies offer any protection, how much and under what circumstances.

By taking safety precautions and adding the insurance coverage that makes sense for you, you can ride on with confidence, which is the best way to enjoy the ride.

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