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What is Other Structures Coverage in a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Updated: March 2018

Other structures coverage is the part of a homeowners insurance policy that helps pay to repair or replace structures other than your home, such as a fence, if they are damaged by a covered risk. For instance, if a tree falls on your detached garage, other structures coverage may help pay for repairs.

Here are a few things to consider about other structures coverage.

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Items on your property that typically fall under other structures coverage include:

Other structures on your property are typically covered for the same perils as your home. So if your dwelling coverage includes risks like theft, fire, falling objects and vandalism, your fence would likely be covered for those, too. Read your policy to learn what perils it covers.


You may find that other structures coverage is based on a percentage of your dwelling coverage, the Insurance Information Institute says. So, for instance, if you have $300,000 in dwelling coverage, which applies to your house and attached structures, you may have up to $30,000 in coverage for your fence and other unattached structures on your property.

If you're making improvements to your property, such as adding a gazebo, you may want to review your other structures coverage limits to help ensure you have enough protection in place to help pay to repair or replace unattached structures after a covered loss.

Your insurance provider can help you adjust your coverage limits.


Maybe you're confident that you have sufficient protection in place for your fence or detached garage — but what about the stuff you store inside?

The personal property coverage in a homeowners insurance policy typically helps protect belongings regardless of where you keep them, so you'll likely find you have coverage for items you store in a detached garage, for instance. You can usually adjust your personal property coverage limits based on your particular needs.

Your insurance provider can help you review your existing coverage so you can determine whether it makes sense for you to make any changes to your policy.

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