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house hunting

House Hunting


House hunting is an exciting time, but it isn't always easy. Our resources can help you choose the home that's right for you, and what to look for when viewing a home to planning your moving day.


Stay organized with these useful tips, checklists, and labels.


Checking out homes is fun and exciting. Here are some things that you should be on the lookout for before you make an offer.


Here are five common moving mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.


Using information about local home insurance claims, current weather conditions and public records, the GoodHome tool helps identify potential risks to homes you may be interested in.

Do your homework before renting a house.

Consider things like size, utilities and privacy and evaluate the pros and cons of renting instead of buying.

Know what to look for when renting an apartment.

Read these seven considerations to make during your apartment search, plus information about security, pets and final walkthroughs.
packing up

Packing Up

Purge before packing.

Pare down your belongings by donating to charity, planning a yard sale, or selling items online.

Schedule a donation pickup.

Call a local nonprofit to see if they offer this service.

Create a budget.

Estimate the cost of your move and learn ways to save money when moving.

Start packing now.

Begin boxing up items you rarely use and organize them with these printable labels.

Reserve your equipment and movers.

Schedule them now but beware of moving scams — know the red flags.

Transfer services.

Call your utility, Internet and cable companies to make sure you'll have service in your new home.
service discounts

Ask about discounts.

See if the company will cut you a deal for keeping your service in your new home.

Notify companies of your change of address.

Make sure all your mail gets to the right place — use our checklist as a guide.

Cancel regular deliveries.

Switch newspaper, magazine and catalog subscriptions to your new address.
online orders

Don't forget online orders.

Change your mailing address on your online accounts.

Start putting items in storage.

Pack away items you won't need at the new house in the storage unit that's right for you.

Confirm your reservations.

Make sure your truck rental and movers will be available as scheduled.
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Have your payment on hand.

Get your cash or check ready now so you won't have to worry about it on moving day.

Pack a box with essential items.

Put items like shampoo, a change of clothes, toiletries and clean sheets in a "first night" box so you don't have to dig through multiple boxes before you go to bed on moving day.
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Make sure favorite toys are within reach.

Help keep your little one entertained until your new house is in order.

Make any final repairs.

Do a final walkthrough of your old house and make sure everything is in working condition.

Continue boxing up everything.

Pack up the rest of the items in your house, one room at a time.
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Set aside extra time for fragile things.

Consider wrapping them in towels or bedding (you'll have to pack those items anyway!) to help protect them.

Do laundry.

Get a fresh start in your new home with clothes ready to hang in the closet.

Clean your old home.

Wipe down the windows, sweep the floor and vacuum the carpet.
service discounts

Reference your old lease.

Make sure you complete all final requirements if you've been renting.

Do one final check.

Go back over the other items in this checklist and make sure you aren't forgetting anything.
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Keep a moving journal.

Look back through your own checklist of to-do items.

house hunting

Moving Day

Start the day off right.

Eat a balanced breakfast and have plenty of water and snacks on hand to help keep you energized.

Pick up your equipment.

If you reserved a moving truck that you'll pack and drive yourself, arrive at the pickup location 15 minutes early.

Store paperwork in a safe place for future reference.

Keep duplicates of receipts and statements for future reference and tax filing.
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Inspect the inventory list.

Sign off on the moving company's inventory list and keep a copy for your own records.

Keep calm and breathe.

Remember to take your day one step at a time and take breaks as needed. Keep the big picture in mind — you're about to have a new home!
house hunting

Settling In

Help make your home safer.

Change your locks, circuit test every outlet, check pipes and air ducts and test all smoke alarms. Learn more about these steps and others in this home safety checklist.

Get to know your neighbors.

If the neighbors aren't knocking on your door, learn some ways you may be able to meet them.

Start on some home improvement.

Put the finishing touches on your new place and consider some green additions. Check out these tips before choosing a contractor.

Be proactive about protecting your home.

Contact your insurance agent for information on choosing the right types of coverage for you.
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