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5 Reasons to Get a Car Insurance Quote Now

Published: October 2018

You likely only think about your car insurance policy during certain times: For example, when your bill is due or when you have a claim. But, it may be beneficial to shop around and compare car insurance quotes every so often. You could save money on your policy or discover ways to better protect you and your vehicle.

Here are five situations when it's a good idea to get a car insurance quote:

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1. Your Car is Paid Off

If you've paid off your car (the title is in your name), you may be able to save some money by dropping coverages you may not need or adjusting your deductibles. Collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are typically not required on your car insurance policy if you own the vehicle outright, so you may be able to drop these coverages to save some money. If you do, however, you may have to pay for repairs out of pocket if your car is damaged in a collision, for example. Another option may be to keep collision and comprehensive coverages and choose higher deductibles to help lower your premiums. Get a car insurance quote to see how adjusting these coverages may affect your car insurance payment.

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2. You Have a Brand-New Car

If you're the first owner of a newer model vehicle, you may want to add extra coverage to your car insurance policy to help protect your brand-new ride. New car replacement coverage and gap coverage, for example, are designed to help cover a brand-new car. These coverages can be added on top of your standard collision and comprehensive coverages. They help account for depreciation if your new vehicle is totaled.

If your new car is less than two model years old, it may be worth looking into new car replacement coverage. And, if you're underwater on your car loan (you owe more than the car is worth), gap coverage may be a good idea. Some insurers package new-car coverages together into a single option you can add to your car insurance policy. A local insurance agent can help get a car insurance quote to find out if this type of coverage makes sense for your situation.

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3. You Own a Home

If your home insurance and auto insurance policies are not with the same company, consider "bundling" them to receive a discount. Get a car insurance quote from the same company that insures your home to explore how much you may be able to save.

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4. Your Child has a Learner's Permit or is Away at College

Requirements on when you should add your teen driver to your car insurance policy vary by insurer. Some require that you add your teen when he gets his learner's permit. Others require you to add him when he gets his driver's license. Either way, you'll likely want to get a car insurance quote at that time. It's also a good idea to consider additional coverage or increased coverage limits if you have an inexperienced driver.

When your child goes off to college, your policy may be eligible for a "resident student" discount. You may qualify for the discount if your child is attending college at least 100 miles from home and leaving her car at home (or no longer driving the family car while she's at college). Talk with your agent or get a car insurance quote to see if your scholar's new status affects the family car insurance policy in any other ways.

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5. You Drive for a Ride-Sharing Company

Did you know that your personal auto insurance policy may not cover you or your vehicle while you're driving for a ride-sharing company? That's because when you're transporting passengers for a profit, it's considered business use of your vehicle. The company you're driving for may offer insurance, but there may be gaps in its coverage. Get a quote or check with your car insurance company to see what kind of ride-sharing coverage you can add to your policy for this type of situation.

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Getting a car insurance quote can help make sure you have the coverages that fit your needs and your budget.

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