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Agent Stories: A Bear Ate My Car!—Allstate

A bear's eating my car! A tree fell on my ride! What now? Allstate agents David Gonzalez, Blair Bogdan and Tom Mallon share true stories of the uncertainties that can happen in life —and how Allstate can help.

Video Transcript


[Agent] I had a customer call:

[Caller] Blair!

[Agent] Yeah, yeah, what's the matter?!

You could hear the urgency in her voice.

[Caller] I'm in my house, I'm looking out the window…

[Agent] Okay. You're in the house, you're looking out the window, what's wrong?

[Caller] A bear is eating my car!

[Agent] A bear is eating your car? They open the window, hold the phone out, you can hear arrr, arr, arrr. I said, pull your arm back in the window, shut the window, what are you, crazy? There's a bear eating your car! Get off the phone with me, you have the coverage. Your family's safety is the most important thing.

Collision is when you do the hitting. Comprehensive is when something hits you. Well, I hit a falling object driving down the highway, isn't that collision? No, it's not, it's comprehensive.

A broken windshield, hitting the deer, the tree limb that falls… now, was it a dead tree or was it a live tree? So, this is where we bring in the experts.

You're driving to work one day. You get into really bad car accident. They sue you. You have the state minimum coverage. Every state is different, typically twenty-five thousand dollars, but you have a lawsuit for one million dollars — what happens? For an extra thirty-five dollars for six months, you can get two hundred and fifty thousand per person. On top of that, an extra fifteen dollars per month — fifteen bucks — now you have an umbrella policy and it covers you for 1.5 million dollars.

People are more savvy than you think they are, but you still have to remind them once a year, twice a year or whatever, did you put that new roof on yet? Well, if you did, great. Send me the bill of sale and we'll make sure we get that discount on your policy.

And insurance seems daunting. It's like, oh, I don't want to deal with it. I've actually had customers that said, "Oh you know we had a fire, but I didn't turn it in because I didn't think it would be covered."

That's what you pay me for. You Know, that's my job. I can't prevent It, but I can help you through it.

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