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Boat Insurance, Maintenance and Safety Resources

Published: September 2016

From maintaining your boat to keeping your passengers safe, boat ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether you're planning to buy your first watercraft or you're a seasoned boater, here are some resources to help you travel safely and keep your boat maintained and protected.

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Tips for Beginning Boaters

Choosing your first boat typically involves more than price considerations. It's also important to think about how you plan to use your boat, so you can determine what type of vessel best suits your needs.
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Boating Safety

If you're going out on the water, you likely take certain safety precautions, such as wearing a life vest and providing them for your passengers. But is there anything else you can do to help make your trip safe and enjoyable? From completing a safety course to knowing what to do if bad weather strikes, it's a good idea to prepare for the unexpected — just in case.
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Prepare for Your Day at Sea

When boating season rolls around, you may be eager to take your vessel out for its first voyage of the year. Before you hit the water, though, it may be a good idea to make sure you and your boat are well prepared. By ensuring your boat and its equipment — engine, battery and ropes, for instance — are in proper working order, you may avoid some unpleasant surprises during your day on the water.
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If you've invested in a boat, you'll likely want to make the effort to keep it in good condition. Taking steps to keep your boat clean and protected and performing some routine maintenance may help keep your boat looking good and performing well.
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Boat Insurance

Even if you take every possible safety precaution and keep your boat in tip-top condition, unexpected situations may make waves in your boating plans. For instance, imagine you accidentally damage someone's property with your vessel, another boat collides with yours, a passenger is injured or your boat is stolen. Boat insurance may help you recover from situations such as these. Your local agent can help you understand how certain boat insurance coverages may help protect you and your boat.
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Boat owners have a lot to consider, but a little preparedness can go a long way. Armed with some basic knowledge of how to help keep your boat maintained, you and your passengers safe and your watercraft protected against certain risks, you can focus on the good times aboard your boat.

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