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What's Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Congrats! You just purchased a new home. Looking for a homeowners insurance policy, but need some info on the basics? Check out our video for information on dwelling protection, personal property coverage, liability coverage and more:

Video Transcript

Announcer (voiceover): What's Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Announcer (voiceover): Protecting your home can help give you peace of mind—and homeowners insurance is a good way to do that. But do you know what a homeowners policy typically protects?

Announcer (voiceover): Most homeowners policies include some basic types of coverage. There's coverage for your house, and any connected structures like your attached garage. This is generally called dwelling coverage.

Announcer (voiceover): Most policies also include coverage for structures that aren't attached to your home, like an unattached garage. This is generally called "other structures" coverage.

Announcer (voiceover): A homeowners policy helps protect you and your home against certain causes of loss, also referred to as "perils." Perils can include fire, windstorm and theft, and they vary by state and policy.

Announcer (voiceover): A homeowners policy may also include coverage for your personal belongings. That's called personal property coverage.

Announcer (voiceover): Another typical coverage in a homeowners policy is liability protection, which may cover you if you're sued, for instance, after someone is injured in your home.

Announcer (voiceover): There are also many additional types of optional coverage you can purchase to help protect you against the unpredictability of life.

Announcer (voiceover):A conversation with an insurance agent can help you determine what optional coverages make sense for your situation.

Announcer (voiceover): So, now you know that a homeowners insurance policy can help protect your house, personal property and the other structures at your residence, against certain "perils." It can also provide liability coverage and additional optional coverages.

Announcer (voiceover): Have questions about homeowners insurance? Contact your local Allstate agent today.

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You can count on a local agent.

An Allstate agent can answer coverage questions and help you find ways to protect what matters most.

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