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Protect Your RV and Its Contents from Theft

Published: July 2014

No one wants to think about it, but your recreational vehicle and your belongings inside (think high-tech gadgets, personal items and valuables) can be stolen. There are some important insurance basics you'll need to know should theft occur, tips on how to prepare for this scenario, and of course, how to limit the likelihood of theft in the first place.
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Know Your Coverage

When it comes to theft, the typical RV insurance policy will generally include the following coverage options:

  • Comprehensive coverage: This type of coverage includes non-collision damages, including theft.
  • Personal contents coverage: This type of coverage includes theft of the belongings inside your RV, including housewares, personal property, tools, clothes and sporting goods. Check with your insurance company to ensure you have this type of coverage.
  • Sound system coverage: Your policy may include this type of coverage that generally covers a sound system permanently installed by the manufacturer, up to a specified limit (typically $2,500), less your deductible.
  • Emergency travel expense: If your RV was stolen or is no longer in use due to a covered loss (damage cause by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, flood and certain other non-collision losses), some RV policies may cover the cost of a rental car and hotel room while your RV is being fixed. If it's not repairable, your policy may cover a flight to get you and your family home safe.

Having A Dedicated Agent Can Make All The Difference.

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Be Prepared for the Worst

Consider the old adage, 'Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.' Before you have to face the reality of your belongings being stolen from your RV, of your RV itself being stolen, consider some simple preparation to soften the blow:

  • Make a numbers list: If theft occurs, you'll want to be able to file a claim with your insurance company reporting the theft of your RV and/or the specific belongings inside. Record a list of your RV registration number, vehicle identification number, make and model as well as serial numbers of items like TVs and microwaves. To keep things easy, you can even take a quick photo to identify your belongings—just be sure to get a close-up shot of their serial numbers. Utilizing a home inventory tool, like Allstate Digital Locker, can help streamline the process.
  • Calculate the value of your belongings: When deciding what type of policy/policies to buy for your RV, it's helpful to know how much your items are worth. Tally up the value (amount you paid) of your TV, fridge, stove, sound system, and any other valuables in your RV..
  • Do your campground research: When deciding on sites to stay for a night (or three), look into the campground's security. Find out if it has gates, cameras and 24-hour security. And, if you're staying in a location that's more secluded, go for a well-lit, visible campsite.
Before you hit the road, call your insurance agent or review your policy to be sure you know what's covered should theft occur. Depending on your particular needs and policy specifics, you may want to take out additional, optional coverages. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

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