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Make Your First Bike a Smart, Safe Bike

Deciding to ride, that's the easy part. Now comes the exciting part - buying your first motorcycle. When you're thinking through your options, remember to take safety and your riding skill level into account. That may mean buying a smaller, easier-to-ride bike instead of jumping at the biggest, baddest bike you can afford.

A row of motorcycle bikes.

Dings and Dents Might Make the Most Sense

There's a good chance you'll drop your bike when you're starting out. Not necessarily wreck it, but literally drop it onto its side. Coming to terms with this possibility can make the decision process between a new or used bike a simple one. Since you'll probably add a few dings and dents of your own as you're getting up to speed, a used bike might be your best bet.

Buying used may be smart for multiple reasons. You'll worry less about damage when you drop your bike and focus more on mastering your technique. Used bikes also tend to cost less to repair than newer models. It's also worth noting that depreciation rates vary, but the biggest drop in value usually comes in the first year. Down the road, that means you could end up selling your used bike for only a few hundred dollars less than you paid for it... instead of a few thousand.

When you're ready to buy, our New Bike Buyer Checklist can help you and your new bike stay safe and protected.

Links provided for convenience only. Allstate does not endorse any of these websites or guarantee the quality, accuracy or truthfulness of any content, information or services accessed through this web site. We encourage you to read the Privacy Statements of each and every web site that you visit. Motorcycle buying, selling and inspection tips are for reference purposes only.

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