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Is a Customized Motorcycle Covered?

Published: September 2014

Motorcycle riders. Enthusiasts. Bikers. Regardless of the title, one thing we know for sure is that bike owners are passionate about their motorcycles. Often, that passion can manifest itself in the form of customizing their bikes. People personalize their motorcycles all the time, and sometimes those tweaks and changes can become expensive. Regardless of the size of the investment, insurance considerations should come into play anytime something is added to a vehicle

A man riding on his new motorcycle.

Some new features or accessories you might want to add to your bike may not be covered by the collision and comprehensive coverages in your motorcycle insurance policy because those coverages often times don't cover these after-market customizations. If that's the case, you may consider adding some optional coverage to your motorcycle insurance. For example, some relevant optional coverages include:

Optional coverage for custom parts. In addition to comprehensive and collision coverage that is required by law, this type of coverage (often called custom parts and equipment coverage) may be a good idea for highly customized motorcycles because of the additional coverage and limits available.

While collision and comprehensive coverages pay for damages or loss to your motorcycle, they typically have limited, if any, coverage of accessories or custom parts. Adding this type of optional coverage can provide peace of mind for riders who have one-of-a-kind parts like crash bars, customs wheels and of other after-market accessories, according to

Towing and roadside coverage. If your bike is damaged, breaks down or is in an accident, this optional coverage can help you get your bike to the repair shop or help with basic roadside assistance.

Lease/loan gap coverage. This coverage typically pays the difference between the value of your motorcycle and the balance of your loan or lease on the bike, according to If you are involved in a covered accident and your motorcycle is considered a total loss before you've paid off the loan on the bike, this type of coverage will pay the difference if you owe more than it's worth. Like with cars, gap coverage is typically offered as an optional coverage in addition to collision and comprehensive coverage.

These are just some of the optional motorcycle insurance coverages available to help protect your investment. Consult your insurance agent for information about specific coverages that may apply to your situation to protect you, your family and your customized bike.

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