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About the Allstate Home and Auto Maintenance Reminder

Every system in your home and car needs regular or periodic maintenance to help prolong its life and keep it running in tip-top shape. Diligently following the maintenance schedule for the various items can potentially save you money and headaches throughout the year. But sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of all the routine maintenance tasks you have to do. That's where Allstate's Maintenance Reminder comes in.

String tied on finger.

In our hectic lives, it's sometimes easy to forget to keep up with maintenance tasks—but with the Maintenance Reminder, a jog to your memory is just an email away. When you sign up for Maintenance Reminder alerts, you will receive emails that remind you to perform routine maintenance tasks of your choosing at intervals you determine—whether they're weekly, yearly or somewhere in between.

Not sure how often you should, say, test your smoke alarms? The Maintenance Reminder also provides information about general guidelines, as well as caveats, cautions and conditions that may require a different maintenance schedule than the standard, to help you determine the schedule that's best for you.

Regular maintenance is key to the long life and safe operation of your car and home systems. In addition, maintenance is required to maintain the warranty on certain items, such as car tires and your home's water heater. Failing to conduct regular maintenance can result in items wearing out and needing replacement much sooner than expected—which can also mean that you need to spend more money.

Don't forget something important! Let us help remind you to maintain your home and car! Sign up for the Allstate Maintenance Reminder today, and stay on schedule.

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