Permanent Life Insurance Made Simple

Permanent Life Insurance Policy Claims

Filing a claim.

Knowing what to expect during the claims process may help make things a little
easier for your family.

To file a claim, call an Allstate agency or customer
service at 1-800-366-3495.

What happens next?

  1. When a beneficiary calls an Allstate agency or the toll-free number above,
    we will send forms and instructions for the beneficiary to complete and sign.
  2. The beneficiary will also be asked to provide a certified copy of the Death
    Certificate. “Certified” means the original document or a copy with a raised
    seal or original stamp. They can usually get this document from the funeral
    director or from the county’s vital records office. Unfortunately, we will not be
    able to return the Death Certificate. We suggest beneficiaries ask for
    additional certified copies.
  3. We may also ask for the life insurance policy or other documents to complete
    the claim.
  4. The beneficiary can bring the original documents to an Allstate agency
    or return the completed documents to the address provided in the claim
  5. We process most claims within 5 business days after receiving the
    documents. Beneficiaries usually receive payment shortly thereafter. Some
    claims may take longer. Payment method is usually a single check or a
    deposit. A beneficiary can contact us for other settlement options.


Call, visit or e-mail your Allstate agency

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