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Frequently Asked Questions

A storm caused some damage to our home, including a tree that fell to the ground. Will my homeowners insurance pay to have someone remove the tree from our yard?
If a tree falls in a windstorm or from the weight of snow or ice, and that fallen tree damages your home or other structures on your property, Allstate will pay for reasonable expenses to have the tree removed—up to your policy's limit for this coverage. However, if your house or other structures were not damaged by the fallen tree, then the tree removal is not covered under your policy. Please note that windstorms are not covered in all states.
What is Reimbursement Extended Limits and how do I know if I have it?
Reimbursement Extended Limits extends coverage beyond the limit stated in your policy for your Dwelling and Other Structures coverages. In most states, this extra coverage is up to 120%. So for example, if you had a limit of $100,000 for your Dwelling Coverage, you could be reimbursed up to $120,000 for a covered loss. This coverage could come in handy if a large storm or situation in your area increases the demand for building supplies. If prices go up unexpectedly, the amount needed to repair or replace your home could also go up. If you have purchased this optional coverage, it will appear on your Allstate Policy Declarations next to Dwelling Protection.
My home is worth a lot more than the Dwelling Coverage limit shown on my coverage. Why is that?
The amount of coverage for your Dwelling is based on the amount it would cost to reconstruct the building from the ground up. It does not take into consideration the value of your land—which in some areas is a big part of the total value of your property. If you're unsure about your limits, call your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.
I have some of my furniture and other belongings in a storage locker. Are these items covered under my Allstate homeowners policy?
In most cases, personal property you keep at a storage facility is covered property under your homeowners policy. Keep in mind that a deductible and an additional limit may apply.
Will my homeowners policy pay to replace a diamond if I lose it from its setting?
If you bought Scheduled Personal Property coverage, losing a piece of jewelry or part of it may be covered. This coverage can help protect customers who own expensive jewelry, watches, or furs. Limits vary by state. To review whether you have purchased this coverage, look for Scheduled Personal Property on your Allstate Policy Declarations. As always, if you're unsure about your coverage, call your Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.
I'm traveling to Europe this summer. Will my personal property coverage protect me if my wallet or luggage gets stolen?
Yes, as long as you take reasonable steps to secure your property, your wallet, luggage and other belongings are protected from theft anywhere you travel, up to the Personal Property limits of your policy. Just be sure to file a police report as you would at home and keep all documentation of the loss.
How can I save money on my homeowners insurance?
Allstate offers many discounts that can help you save on your insurance. For instance, you may qualify for a discount if your home has been renovated in the last 10 years; if you are 55 or older and not employed full-time; or if your home has smoke alarms, fire extinguishers or a security system. And, if you insure both your car and home or have auto and renters insurance with Allstate, you can save on both. Talk to your local Allstate Agent or call 1-800-ALLSTATE to make sure you're getting all the discounts you're eligible for.
My neighbor just purchased flood insurance. Should I do the same?
Most homeowners insurance does not include flood insurance. Less than 50% of all flooding incidents are awarded a Federal Disaster Assistance declaration, and most disaster assistance is provided in the form of a loan that must be repaid with interest. That's why it's a good idea to consider buying this extra protection. Call your local Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE or visit Flood Insurance to find out more.
What if I have a question about a claim?
Click here to learn more about Claims, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions? Want to make changes to your coverage? Call your local Allstate Agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.

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