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Boat Insurance

Information on boat insurance, the types of coverage and what it protects.

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Identity Theft

What steps can you take from the moment you find out you're an identity theft victim—and what can you do to help prevent it from happening in the first place?

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A Guide to Insuring
Your Personal Belongings

It can take years to accumulate your possessions. Knowing the details of your homeowners or renters insurance can help make sure those valuables are adequately protected.

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Four Ways to Use
Your Tax Refund Wisely

The average tax refund is nearly $3,000, and putting that money to use in the best way possible is important for everyone. Our infographic provides four smart ways to use that money.

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Car Accident

Consider these steps to take after a car accident. And, many people don't know what to expect after filing a claim. Check out these steps to see what you can expect from your insurance company, agent and adjuster.

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Car Seat 101

Car safety is a top priority when driving your kids from place to place. Your child's age, height and weight are all factors to consider when choosing which car seat will best protect your little one. This infographic will help you sort through the confusion and keep your kids safe.

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Crash Tests

Crash tests aim to scientifically prove a vehicle's safety and help convert those results into easily digested ratings. Knowing a car's safety rating in various types of crash tests and what those ratings mean can help you buy the best vehicle for your needs and keep you safe. Increase your crash test and car safety rating knowledge here with this infographic.

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Accidents are unfortunate and seemingly random . . . except when choreographed by a shady driver looking to benefit via insurance fraud. How can you prevent being scammed? Learn to recognize common fraudulent situations and avoid being victimized with this car insurance fraud infographic.

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Holy Coverage Batman!

Ever wonder what it would be like if a superhero or a famous movie character had to get by in the real world? Imagine Bruce Wayne using the Batmobile as a grocery-getter or James Bond standing in line at the DMV. We have, and our insurance experts had some fun trying to evaluate these unique cars/drivers. Despite the challenges of ejector seats, artificial intelligence and a flux capacitor, we think they nailed it. Here are the results of this fanciful exercise.

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Work Day vs. Game Day

Getting a bunch of your buddies together on the weekend to celebrate a football game can be a great experience. Many people have an alter-ego on the weekends, which can often provide a healthy departure from the buttoned-up work week. This infographic will help you effectively keep the two apart while maintaining your sanity.

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Motorcycles: Share the Road

With so many motorcycles on the road, especially in the summer months, drivers must pay extra attention to be aware of riders on two-wheeled vehicles. This infographic details some common defensive driving rules by which both riders and drivers can abide to help improve the safety of our roads.

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Grilling Safely: Memorial Day

Summer is associated with cooking food on an outdoor grill, enjoying the weather and spending time with friends and family. Grilling and barbecue can be fun and tasty, but certain safety precautions are a must. This infographic provides some general information, grilling tips and common pitfalls to help ensure a safe summer.

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Insuring Famous Homes

Think you might have some issues getting a decent rate on your homeowner's insurance because of cracked stairs in the entryway or a past claim from a small fire? Try sweet-talking your agent when it comes to a high-altitude "space home" complete with glass dome or a run-down haunted house boasting a dragon under the stairs. These famous homes test the strength of our team's Risk-o-Meter.

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Mom Cave vs. Man Cave

He has his Man Cave and now she can have her Mom Cave. Taking some inspiration from the ever-popular Man Cave, this infographic shows how some of the same themes from the Man Cave can be adjusted and adapted to fit the needs of almost any Mom Cave.

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Safe Room

Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes and even home invasion are all examples of severe situations in which families may benefit from a safe room. But how do you create a safe room or storm shelter in your house? This infographic provides some ideas.

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The Right Time to
Get Engaged

Love is in the air and you think it's time to pop the question. Traditionally, guys make the move, often buying the engagement ring beforehand and getting down on one knee to make the marriage proposal. But how do you know if you're ready? Fear not, this infographic works out many of the possible situations and scenarios confronted by today's would-be brides and grooms.

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