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Identity Restoration Coverage: Restoring Your Identity After a Home Break-In

Published: September 2014

How Identity Restoration Coverage Can Protect You

According to the IDT911, a home break-in occurs every 15 seconds. Along with your valuable possessions, thieves can steal your identity right out from under you by taking your personal documents, identification cards, financial information and other sensitive data. Unlike a TV or a video game console, which can be easily replaced, it can be much more complicated to restore your good name and credit rating.

According to, one strategy to protect your identity in the event of a break-in is to make sure all your personal documents are either locked in a safe or shredded. Fireproof safes or locking file cabinets can help ensure that your most valuable documents will remain secure even if a break-in occurs. Bank safe deposit boxes are also a secure solution for document storage.

In addition to making sure your personal documents are locked away, you can give yourself extra peace of mind with identity restoration coverage. If thieves break into your home and steal your identity, you can make a claim to your insurer, which may be able to place a fraud alert to help prevent thieves from accessing your personal and financial information. This fraud alert will let your lenders know that your identification information may have been compromised, which will prompt them to monitor your credit activity very closely as it relates to purchases, withdrawals and other transactions.

Identity restoration coverage may also provide financial reimbursement in the wake of identity theft from a break-in. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that many policies cover costs related to legal fees, lost wages, childcare or other costs you may incur to recover your stolen identity. Your insurer will help pay for covered costs, up to the limits in your policy.

If you're not sure about your limits, or if you'd like to double-check what's covered in your policy, you can either read your policy or discuss it with your insurance agent.

Unfortunately, no precautions are 100 percent burglarproof, so it’s important to educate yourself with additional facts for preventing home break-ins. With a proactive mindset and proper planning, you can help minimize the risk of a break-in. However, should an unfortunate incident occur, you can have an extra level of assurance knowing your identity restoration coverage will help protect your personal and financial information.

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