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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage to My Fence?

Published: July 2015

A powerful windstorm took down a big chunk of your fence — is that something you can expect your homeowners insurance to cover?

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Typically, the answer is yes. Beyond protecting your home and belongings, many homeowners policies have “other structures” coverage that extends protection to buildings and some elements around the property, like a shed, garage, and, yes, a fence.

There are other scenarios that might lead to a damaged fence, too. But, essentially, the coverage for your fence hinges on the very same perils that apply to the protection of your home.

Let’s look at a few different scenarios and how the coverage might work.

Common Sources of Fence Damage

  • Your tree falls on your fence. A policy will typically provide reimbursement for a fence if a healthy tree falls and damages it. It would probably not only pay to repair or replace the fence but also remove the tree debris so that repairs can be made to the fence.
  • Your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence. It doesn’t matter who owns the tree, says the Insurance Information Institute: If it lands on your fence, you file the claim with your own insurance company. However, if there’s evidence that the tree was weakened because your neighbor overlooked basic maintenance or ignored disease, your insurance company may try to recover its costs from your neighbor’s insurance company (which may also earn you back the deductible you paid when you filed your claim).
  • A storm damages your fence. Wind-related damage to a fence or another insured structure on your property is typically covered by homeowners insurance — whether it’s the result of a tornado or just a fierce storm. Once it’s safe to go outside, you should take photos of your damaged fence, the III says. Photos of the damage may help a claims adjuster in the investigation process.

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You may also want to consider getting an estimate for the repair and taking your deductible into account before you file a claim, so you will know the impact your deductible will have on the amount of the loss.

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