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Surety Bonds— Quick Working Definition and Background

Please note that Allstate does not currently offer surety bonds.

In non-legalese terms, a surety bond is a promise to pay one person or company a specific amount if another person or company fails to meet the terms of a contract. The bond protects the recipient-the principal-if the contract isn't fulfilled.

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There are usually 3 parties playing a part in issuing a surety bond:

  • The principal, typically the business or person who'll be performing the work or contractual obligation, buys the bond.
  • The obligee, the government agency or the business for whom the work is going to be performed, is the recipient of the obligation.
  • The surety issues the bond and financially ensures that the principal's obligations will be performed.
Although many people associate surety bonds with the construction industry, they're often required by other industries. Before contacting a surety provider, make sure you're familiar with all federal, state, or local regulations for your industry.

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Allstate Business Insurance: Complete Coverage for Your Entire Fleet

Whether you're insuring one vehicle or 25+, your business requires more coverage than a personal auto policy can provide. That's why Allstate Business Insurance offers commercial vehicle policies that include business-specific options like Hired Auto Coverage.

Your knowledgeable Allstate agent offers a no-pressure review of your current Business Insurance to help you identify potential gaps and explain all your options. Request a no-obligation quote or call us today at 1-888-322-3070.

Published: August 2011

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