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Does Lien Insurance Exist?

Not in the way you probably typically think about different types of insurance policies. But here's an example of how a lien may be tied to insurance. If you finance a car, the bank or other financial institution may file a car insurance lien, forcing you to carry enough comprehensive insurance to protect the financial institution's investment.

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What Is a Lien, Anyway?

A lien is a legal claim on a property that allows the lienholder to take possession of the property if certain conditions aren't met—if the money for that property isn't paid, for instance. Houses and cars are types of property that often have liens placed against them.

Although many people associate surety bonds with the construction industry, they're often required by other industries. Before contacting a surety provider, make sure you're familiar with all federal, state, or local regulations for your industry.

Liens are often placed on property automatically, as a condition of purchase. If you buy a home, for instance, the mortgage lender will file a lien on the property until the mortgage is paid off. Similarly, lending companies file liens when someone finances a car purchase. The company actually owns the car until it's paid off, so they file a lien on it to ensure that the car owner pays off the balance. When the car is paid off, the lien is removed.

Liens are also filed when someone can't—or doesn't—pay a debt. One example would be a contractor placing a lien on a home if a customer won't pay for work that's been completed. Filing a lien is a red-tape intensive, time-consuming process, so it's typically done as a last resort to recover money that's owed.

In the contractor example, the contractor would file a lien on the homeowner's property. The lien would be for the amount owed plus interest, and would be due when the homeowner refinanced or sold the home.

The government also files liens, called tax liens, in the event of an outstanding tax obligation.

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Who can file a lien?

Anyone who's owed money can file a lien, but it's a demanding process. For instance, filing a property lien typically involves filing a suit in small-claims court, getting a certified copy of the judgment, and then filing a judgment with the county.

Avoiding a Lien

A tax lien filed against you can have a strong negative impact on your credit rating. To avoid this, make sure you have enough money to keep your obligations manageable. And to keep your finances in order, Allstate Bank offers multiple financial planning options, including budgeting and cashflow expertise.

Talk to Us About How Liens May Affect Your Car Insurance

Your Allstate agent can offer expert advice and guidance about the relationship between your car insurance and your financing company's lien.

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Published: August 2011

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