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Does My Learner Driver Need Car Insurance?

Time flies. Before you know it, your children go from asking for hugs and kisses to asking for the keys to the car. But in between the two phases, there exists a buffer that can help you prepare for the shock of having a son or daughter with legal permission to drive the streets unsupervised: The learner's permit stage. In some states, teenage drivers can get their learner's permits as young as 14 years old. While that may seem a little young, remember that as a parent, you've got veto power over all things learner's permit-related. This can work in your favor, giving you the necessary time to adjust to your little ones growing up. It can also give you time to find answers to some of your questions about insurance, like, "What are the requirements for car insurance for learner drivers?"

A teenage boy getting a driver's lesson.

What Should I Know If My Teen Has a Learner's Permit?

People who have a learner's permit need auto insurance, too. A learner's permit gives a person permission to drive under certain restrictions. Teenagers with learner's permits often can be covered under their parents' insurance policies, while in some cases a person with a learner's permit may want to buy their own insurance policy. If your loved one is getting a learner's permit, it's a good idea to contact your insurance agent to discuss your options.

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Your First Step: Notify Your Insurance Company

Before you allow your nearly licensed teen to slide behind the wheel, the first thing you should do is inform your auto insurance provider that your teenager will be driving. It may not be enough that they have their learner's permit. Regardless of your insurer's policy with respect to paying more for coverage, you should notify your insurer about your teen's learner's permit and discuss your options with your agent. If you don't do this and an accident takes place, you may face financial consequences if the loss is not covered under your policy. You and your teen should also learn about your state's Graduated Drivers License laws, and you should make sure your teen abides by them.

Playing by the Rules

Most states have laws in place that place people with a learner's permit under certain restrictions when they're behind the wheel. But, don't expect those restrictions to be lifted the moment your teen driver turns 16. In some states, Graduated Drivers License (GDL) programs have been put into place that ease young drivers into the responsibility that comes with having an unrestricted driver's license. As a result, if you happen to live in a state that's implemented a GDL program, you may still be required to play an active role in supervising your teenager's driving. In some states, GDL restrictions don't allow for drivers under the age of 18 to drive at night without having a licensed adult with them.

Insurance can sometimes be a confusing matter, especially when it comes to teenage drivers and learner's permits. If you're still unsure, find an insurance agent near you and get answers to your questions

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