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Joint Life Insurance

Published: June 2011

Ahh, love. When you're daydreaming about your new life together, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. But, now's actually the perfect time to consolidate your policies and start thinking about future insurance needs. It doesn't even have to be a big deal. Actually, it's probably easier than merging your DVD collections.

Couple seeks advice about insurance coverage from an Allstate agent

Adding a Car to Your Driveway and Insurance Policy

Will there soon be two cars in your driveway? Make sure you're both in agreement about the nuts and bolts of your policy—things like the deductible and coverage limits—then talk to your agent.

If you're merging two cars under a single policy, you may want to have different deductibles and coverage limits for each. If your "beater car" isn't worth nearly as much as your "reliable ride," consider a higher deductible for the less expensive car.

You may be able to save money just by combining both cars on a single policy. To get an idea of how Allstate's protection and rates stack up, get a fast and free ballpark estimate.

And don't forget that getting married usually lowers rates—so speak with your agent to make sure you're getting every discount.

More Possessions May Mean More Insurance Discounts

Whether you're renting or moving into a house you own, think about the possessions you'll be merging—you may need to increase your coverage limits to fully insure your combined household.

Your new place may have features that make you eligible for more discounts—an agent can let you know for sure.

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Protect the Priceless from the Unexpected

As you combine your home or renters insurance policies, pay special attention to items that might require additional coverage, typically in the form of an insurance rider or Scheduled Personal Property.

Make a list of your most expensive things—like that pricey engagement ring, high-end electronics, etc.—or better yet, use Allstate's handy Digital Locker smartphone app to help you catalog your belongings. Then, talk to your agent to make sure your current policy protects you.

Look to the Future with Life Insurance

If you don't already have a life insurance policy, it's a good time to consider purchasing one. One of the big questions to ask is how you'll cover your mortgage or rent if something happens to your partner.

If you already have a life insurance policy, give your coverage a second look. Does it still meet your needs in case the unexpected occurs? Also, check your beneficiaries and make any necessary changes. Remember, an Allstate agent is there to help.

Let an Allstate agent help you combine your policies and determine your new insurance needs. Don't hesitate to find an Allstate agent near you or get an online quote today.

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