Effortlessly invest in your retirement.

Mutual funds allow you to invest alongside other like-minded people. Run by professional portfolio managers, each fund varies in levels of risk and reward based on which type of mutual fund you choose.

Explore the key benefits of mutual funds or contact an Allstate Personal Financial Representative to learn more.

  • Allows for diversification
    Buying a varied portfolio is expensive—pooling your money with others lets you spread your money across investments to potentially decrease your risk
  • Saves you time and energy
    Your investment is professionally managed
  • Lets you decide your risk
    With many types of funds, you can choose if you want a lower or higher-risk investment
  • Maintains access to your money
    Unlike retirement accounts or other savings vehicles that may charge a penalty for early withdrawals, mutual funds are considered more liquid assets making the funds more convenient to access

It's your money. Choose how you invest it.

When you turn to Allstate, you'll gain access to more than 20 financial companies, providing you with many different mutual fund options.

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Explore the right type of mutual funds for you.

Learn about the four types of mutual funds.

1. Money market mutual funds
This low-risk, low-return fund is often used as an emergency account because it's easy to withdraw money

2. Bond mutual funds
Designed to generate income and add stability, this fund can be useful for achieving specific goals

3. Rollover IRA
Move savings from your employer's retirement plan to an IRA when you change jobs and preserve your tax-deferred retirement assets

4. Target date mutual funds
Allocates your assets with a specific retirement date in mind — as your target nears, it shifts to invest more conservatively to help protect your savings

How do mutual funds work?

If you think mutual funds may be right for your financial plans, here's a step-by-step look at how the process works.

1. Choose the funds you prefer
You can choose to invest in just one type, or many. We can help you decide

2. Complete the paperwork
Register your personal information and details

3. Start earning
Once you fund your account, we'll help you stay on track

Save for retirement your way.

Whether you'd like to learn more about mutual funds or the many other ways you can start saving for your future, at Allstate you'll work with a nearby Personal Financial Representative who will be there every step of the way.

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