Find the perfect fishing area near you

By Allstate

Last updated: May 2024

Our partner, Take Me Fishing, has an easy-to-use, interactive map that highlights local fishing spots, the types of fish you might catch there and more. Members can also continually update the Places to Boat & Fish map with their own hotspots that they've found along the way, keeping every angler constantly in-the-know.

Find areas to fish near you

To find your new favorite fishing spot on Taking Me Fishing’s interactive map, simply do the following:

  • Type in your location (or let your browser auto-locate you)
  • Zoom in and filter the map
  • Find your local fishing or boating spot

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Other ways to use the map

Find the nearest boat ramps

Get details on the nearest boats and boat ramps near you.

Find nearby marinas

Discover new marinas and yacht clubs in your area. Note that all motorboats need to be registered in most states. Registration fees go toward protecting natural resources and habitats in your state.

Find local bait shops

Get details on local bait shops, including websites, and phone and email contact info. Local bait shops tend to have the right lures and bait for that area. Bait shop owners can also be a wonderful source of information as far as fishing hotspots and what bait works best for a particular spot.

Find places to buy a fishing license

You’ll need a license before you go fishing. Take Me Fishing pairs you with your state’s website, where you can begin the fish license application process online. By getting your license, you will help protect not only the sport of fishing but also fishing habitats, as well as support conservation efforts in your state.

What to look for in a local fishing spot

Before you begin looking for a fishing spot, you’ll need to know what type of fish you want to catch. From there, your local bait shop can point you in the right direction. Other resources to begin your search include online fishing forums and connecting with locals. When scoping out a spot, it’s important to know the best times of day for fishing. Fish tend to be scarce in bodies of water that are really hot or really cold. Take Me Fishing’s interactive map provides local fishing forecasts, so that you have an idea of the best times of day to fish and the types of fish that are likely to bite.

Insure your fishing boat with quality coverage

When you’re out at sea or freshwater fishing, it’s good to know that you and your boat are protected if anything happens. Boat insurance helps cover everything from boat damage to medical payments if you or your passengers are injured in an accident. It even protects your boat year-round, on the water or in storage.

Whether you’re a sailor or just purchased a deck boat, having protection in place gives you the peace of mind you deserve while out on the water.