Helpful resources

Being prepared for severe weather events and natural disasters can help you stay protected. To help you prepare, Allstate provides you with many tools and resources, like the list of organizations below. Exploring what these organizations offer can help you find helpful information on weather, disaster recovery, safety tips and more.

  • Institute For Business And Home Safety (IBHS)—IBHS raises awareness of disaster safety. The IBHS provides preparedness information and advice on building damage-resistant structures and reinforcing existing structures.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)—FEMA works to reduce risks to people and property in the face of disasters. Explore facts about disaster preparation and recovery, as well as current news stories about weather and disasters on the FEMA website.
  • National Safety Council—The National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting safety awareness. Find disaster recovery public service announcements on their website.
  • National Weather Information Network (NWIN)—Maintained by the National Weather Service, the NWIN offers local forecasts, warning and watches, plus current weather news with up-to-the-minute satellite and radar images.
  • National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration—The NOAA observes changes in the earth's environment and helps with the conservation and management of America's coastal and marine resources. You can learn about El Niño and La Niña on NOAA website.
  • American Red Cross—The American Red Cross offers assistance in the face of disasters. Visit the website to learn about all the services and information the Red Cross offers.
  • The Weather Channel—The Weather Channel is the premier source for weather reporting and preparedness information. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Weather Channel offers current conditions and forecasts that can be seen in over 68 million homes nationwide.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration—SBA is a federal agency that plays a major role in the U.S. government's disaster relief efforts by making low-interest recovery loans available to both homeowners and businesses.
  • California Earthquake Authority—The CEA works with insurers, like Allstate, to sell earthquake policies to homeowners, condominium owners, mobile home owners and renters in California. The CEA also provides loss prevention information, including retrofitting assistance.