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Our Shared Purpose

Our Values

Our values represent who we are and how we conduct ourselves. They define our culture and what it means to be an Allstater. They are non-negotiable.

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I challenge myself to:

  • Demonstrate our values in my interactions every day — to show others I care
  • Understand how my living into our values moves the company ahead
  • Be as good as my word and deliver my commitments

Phyllis Higgins

She's a wife, she's a mother, she's a veteran, she's a female and nothing will stop her from being all she can be. See how Phyllis' strong values have not only been adopted by her husband, son and daughter, but her Allstate family too.

Honesty, caring and integrity

This is who we are.

Our commitment to honesty must be absolute. We are sincere and truthful. Caring is the way we treat customers, communities and each other every day. It's why we put people ahead.

We care enough to anticipate what our customers and other stakeholders need and expect from us. We ask and engage.

Allstate, The Allstate Foundation, our employees and our agency force make the Good Hands® promise come to life across the country by contributing millions of dollars and volunteering thousands of days.

Our commitment to safe driving education and awareness helps save lives. We prepare our customers and communities for disasters and other perils. We've helped hundreds of thousands of domestic violence survivors break free and gain independence.

Through youth empowerment, we inspire the next generation of leaders to rise up and serve causes greater than themselves.

Integrity means you do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. This commitment has been at our core throughout our history. Adhering to the highest ethical standards is critical to protecting our brand reputation and maintaining a positive work environment.

Allstate stands apart because of our people. Your conduct represents who we are.

"Be a living litmus test for our values of honesty, caring and integrity. When others stray from the path, stand up, speak up and protect Allstate."

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Inclusive Diversity

We are stronger because of our individual strengths, ideas and perspectives.

Our collective differences, background, education, culture , give us fresh perspective and purpose. We're committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged and embraced. We work harder, meet customer needs more effectively, and share better, more innovative ideas when we are accepted for who we are. Every voice at Allstate counts.

To further engage employees in the spirit of inclusive diversity, employee resource groups tap into the power of social networking to help Allstaters connect with and celebrate each other, while building business relationships and creating a sense of community.

Allstate's workforce reflects the world around us. Our success comes from a chorus of many different voices. That's a force for good fueled by the power of different.


Energize and engage every day.

Engagement means being more than a spectator. It means being on the field, playing hard, and in the game with both head and heart. Be fully present and engaged in every conversation at work, at home and in the community.

By understanding your personal purpose and aligning it with your job, your work will be challenging, important, enjoyable and rewarding. Engagement produces a domino effect. When you go above and beyond what's required, it's contagious! If you're not actively engaged at Allstate, you're at the wrong company.

Work-life balance begins with the idea that your career and your life should be mutually rewarding, not mutually exclusive. When you find meaning and success in the work you do, it makes your life richer. And when you're able to appreciate what matters most in your life, you bring that passion with you to work.

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Superior performance

Be the best.

To be our best, we must deliver a level of performance above, beyond and different from that of our competitors. We all reap the benefits when we collectively perform at our highest levels. A thriving company offers greater career opportunities, expanded resources, increased financial rewards and a more secure future.

Our environment empowers Allstaters to be high performers. Empowerment means having the information and resources you need to successfully do your job, fully leverage your skills and gain the necessary experience to move us forward. We're committed to providing professional development and career opportunities to grow talent.

Set high standards for yourself and those around you,up, down and across the organization. Don't be afraid to change yourself or Allstate.

"Be fully present. Focus. Find our purpose in life. Achieve it at Allstate."

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We hold ourselves and each other accountable for results.

What is accountability? It's often confused with responsibility. In fact, it's much more. Responsibility is something given to you, whereas accountability is something you must take upon yourself. Accountability is about engagement, results and ownership. It's a mindset that requires you to think broadly and be 100 percent accountable for everything around you. We're all accountable for achieving Allstate's goals.

Accountability is empowering! Recognize and develop others, contribute your own unique talents and perspectives, and look for ways to drive business outcomes.

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