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Our Shared Purpose

Our Priorities

Our priorities ensure we focus on the things that drive the success of our business and shareholder value. They are all necessary for success.

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I challenge myself to:

  • Ask what the customer would want
  • Be proactive in my decision making
  • Prioritize and allocate resources as if they were my own

Bryan Walker

Bryan's message is a powerful one, showing how Allstaters come together for each other and customers in times of great need. Hear how his post-Harvey journey changed his priorities and professional outlook at Allstate.

Customer focus

Reinventing protection and retirement sets us apart from the competition.

Every day, we look for ways we can become an even more integral part of our customers' lives so they can experience the good life. We don't wait for bad to happen to do good.

We focus on customers as families and individuals, not just policyholders. We see them through a household view that recognizes the needs they have throughout their life stages. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

Change will always be a part of our lives, so we anticipate and innovate to stay relevant to our customers and to the world we live in. We listen to what our customers ask of us.

Operational excellence

This requires running our business efficiently and effectively.

We'll get to the next level by changing how we operate through continuous improvement. Each of us has the opportunity to drive change and make a meaningful difference.

This requires us to set high performance standards. We execute smart decisions quickly and pay attention to costs. We try new things and challenge the status quo. By working together to build our capabilities and capacity, we'll deliver exceptional results and beat the competition.

"Be curious. Look at trends outside Allstate and the insurance industry for opportunities to innovate."

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Enterprise risk and return

We have a bias for action that creates value and positions Allstate for the future.

We take an enterprise view and don't define ourselves by business unit or organizational structure. This enables us to evaluate risk across the entire company and earn an appropriate return for the risks we take.

We use our risk management experience, investment expertise and analytical capabilities to optimize returns. This creates value for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Capital management

One of our most important resources is capital.

Allstate's strong capital position provides flexibility to deliver on our promises to customers, take advantage of growth opportunities and offer attractive cash returns to shareholders. Our proactive, disciplined capital management ensures we have a mix of funds that lowers overall costs and provides stability.

Sustainable growth

Every Allstater plays a role in growing Allstate.

To provide a basis for sustainable growth, we must generate profit to invest in strategic initiatives and innovation.

We use consumer insights and advances in technology to shape our growth strategies. For example, the evolution of the connected consumer offers tremendous opportunity. We must become an even more integral part of our customers' lives, enabling them to have a good life.

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