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Our Shared Purpose

Our Operating Principles

The way we run the business is fundamental to our success.

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I challenge myself to:

  • Proactively share my knowledge across the organization
  • Focus relentlessly on those things that create the most value
  • Use metrics and analytics to make informed decisions

Scott Hibbitts

We don't always think about what happens behind-the-scenes, but today, Scott is here to share with us how he uses our operating principals to protect customers on a daily basis - even if they never know just how hard he and his team are working to keep them safe.

These are the principles that guide our day-to-day operations.

Put the customer at the center of all of our actions.

Without our customers, Allstate would not exist. Our customer value propositions define our brands and how we differentiate ourselves from competitors. They guide practices, processes and products to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Every Allstater is a leader in winning and keeping customers. Earning a level of trust from our customers helps keep them with us at every stage of their lives.

Use consumer insights, data, technology and people to better serve our customers and generate growth.

The marketplace is changing rapidly. To become a next-generation corporation, we must run with precision, constantly challenge our business model and adapt to change. We are among the best in the world at using data and technology to give each customer the best price and value.

This access to data has a growing influence on decision making. We should know our customers' needs before they do. When big data is processed and analyzed, it allows us to make better, more informed decisions, discover valuable insights and improve business outcomes.

Protecting that data is critical. Families entrust us with their personal information as part of doing business. We are all accountable for keeping the company's data and technology secure.

We continue to build next-generation technologies, products and services to drive new solutions for customers. Through innovation, we will create products and services that bring new value to the marketplace and make Allstate the place to be.

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Execute well-considered decisions with precision and speed.

We constantly look for ways to improve the customer experience, streamline operations and increase efficiency. Do it with confidence and don't settle for complacency. Be decisive and lead through risks.

Seize the day. Don't just respond to trends, create them!

Quality, cost and speed are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are in complete alignment. It's about making the right choices and executing the best plan. That means being more nimble and less bureaucratic.

Focus relentlessly on those few things that provide the greatest impact.

Greater efficiency creates customer value by keeping our costs low. If you think you need six months, try to do it in three. The competition never rests. Neither should we.

Imagine what we can accomplish if we shift more of our attention and resources to the work that matters most. This applies to many elements of both work and home life. The Pareto Principle ('the 80/20 rule') was the brainchild of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed that, in many cases, 80% of outcomes come from 20% of resources.

Look within your own work area to determine the things that drive the most results.

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Provide employees, agency owners, financial specialists and licensed sales professionals fulfilling opportunities, personal growth and performance-based rewards

Your unique knowledge, background and perspectives are essential to the good we do. You can achieve your purpose in life, make an impact, live well and give back by being associated with Allstate.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Good Work. Good Life. Good Hands.

Our Employee Value Proposition represents the things that make Allstate a great place to work. This, and much more, is all here for you.

Good work

The opportunity to make an impact through meaningful work, career growth, personal and professional development, and recognition and rewards

Good Life

Support to help you live well in all areas of your life, including physical, emotional and financial well-being, and work-life flexibility

Good Hands

Opportunity and resources to give back, and to support and strengthen local communities

Our Five Commitments to the Agency Force

  1. Consistent and unambiguous strategy
  2. Clear market position and brand promise
  3. Competitive products
  4. Fair and equitable compensation
  5. Infrastructure, technology and business processes that enable growth

Take an enterprise view of our people and processes, and work as a single team to advance Allstate rather than our individual interests.

We have a responsibility to help each other be the best we can be. We support our employees through talent management and career development.

Agency owners, staff and financial specialists are the heart of the Allstate brand. We support them in growing their business and deepening customer relationships. The Allstate brand Customer Value Proposition is built on the power of the agency force to serve as trusted advisors to our customers and as leaders in their communities.

Man hugging senior citizen.

Be a learning organization that leverages successes, learns from failures and continuously improves.

A learning organization is made up of courageous people who are open to change and willing to ask questions. We try new things, take calculated risks, innovate, evaluate what has succeeded and failed, and evolve. We learn from on-the-job experiences, formal training and education, and each other.

We need to be lifelong learners, constantly searching for opportunities to:

  1. Hone our skills
  2. Listen to others
  3. Adopt an external view to gain an "outside-in" perspective
  4. Reflect on how we can evolve
  5. Look at the big picture
  6. Share knowledge with the rest of the organization
  7. Seek coaching from others and use it improve
  8. Learn from our customers, suppliers, peers, managers and agency force
  9. Understand and leverage each other's strengths

As the world changes, we must constantly adapt through learning. We must challenge one another through direct and honest dialogue.

"Good collaboration requires better integration, open communication, spirited teamwork and a holistic view of our business. Constructive conflict focuses on understanding differing perspectives and balancing interests for mutual gains."

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