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Our Shared Purpose

Our leadership principles

Everyone is a leader at Allstate.

Allstate coworkers wearing be a force for good t-shirts.

I challenge myself to:

  • Know my purpose in life
  • Get out of my comfort zone and try new things
  • Question convention and seek out different perspectives

Kenneisha Williams

At Allstate, our Leadership Principals help guide not only our work, but our passions. You could say "mentoring" is Kenneisha's middle name. Hear about the mentors that shaped her journey and how she shares this passion with others inside and outside of the Allstate walls.

Leading from every seat

At Allstate, you're not just empowered to help shape our future... you're expected to lead the way. When your passion fuels your purpose, you can achieve anything.

We have six Leadership Principles, developed with input from Allstaters. They define our culture and drive our business results. These principles are embedded in talent recruitment, management and development.

Your personal purpose is the vision of what you want to achieve in life. It's how you make a difference. It ensures you focus on the things that matter most to you.

Aligning your personal purpose with the Leadership Principles brings Our Shared Purpose to life.

"Your personal purpose is NOT about your role at Allstate. It's about your life."

Coworkers talking at meeting.

Our Leadership Principles

We're here to serve.

We are here to serve and we care — a lot. It's at the heart of everything we do here at Allstate. We make a conscious choice to lead by serving our customers, communities and each other.

We win together.

We expect to win. When we work toward the same mission, leverage each other's unique strengths and focus on what's best for our business, we win. Leaders think broadly about the impact of decisions and inspire others to action. We are a part of the Allstate team - and know when to lead and when to follow. Taking time to help other areas of the company makes us all better. We are one team — one Allstate. Hierarchy has no place at Allstate. Everybody is a leader.

We drive results.

We are dedicated to getting the right things done well and quickly. That takes ownership and focus on the things that will have the greatest impact. We are willing to make the tough calls and move forward.

We're transparent.

We openly discuss the rationale for our decisions. We know that being authentic, ethical and empathetic in all of our interactions will pave the way for transparency and trust in our decisions. We value and encourage calculated risk-taking and learn from our successes and mistakes.

We continuously get better.

We start by asking, "Why?" We are always looking for ways to continuously improve. We are externally aware and aren't afraid to speak up, try new things and challenge the status quo. The best teams are open to possibilities. We seek out perspectives different than our own, so we can make smart decisions quickly. This is how we learn, grow and succeed.

We develop each other.

Leaders are continuously growing and learning, both personally and professionally. We challenge and stretch ourselves. We take seriously our role in coaching others regardless of levels. Critical conversations help us grow, achieve our potential and perform better. We develop future leaders for the organization.

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