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Our Shared Purpose

Our Corporate Goal

We create long-term value by serving our stakeholders, taking appropriate risks and leveraging our capabilities and strategic assets.

Picture of Allstate logo outside of Northbrook office.

I challenge myself to:

  • Understand how my goals support our corporate goal
  • Stretch myself and take calculated risks
  • Use data and measurement to define success and adjust as needed

We strive to be a force for good for all our stakeholders.


We play a significant role in helping customers achieve their goals in life. We continuously improve the ways we serve and satisfy them to create long-term value. We need to perform with precision to earn our customers' trust so they turn to us to do even more.


Allstate is the first insurer to serve all four insurance consumer segments based on customers' brand and service preferences. The strategic operational and financial decisions we've made, coupled with our customer-centric approach, have positioned Allstate for long-term growth and strong shareholder returns.


Great businesses succeed because of exceptional people. Our goal is to help you fulfill your purpose and maximize your success. That's why we invest in programs like Energy for Life, to give you the tools to help make you stronger, healthier and better able to achieve your purpose in leadership and life. We attract top talent, so you're part of a winning team with the opportunity to do great work with great people.

Community and society

We believe everyone deserves a good life. Together with our neighbors and partners, we tackle some of society's toughest issues and inspire the next generation of change-makers to rise up and make a difference. We make communities stronger, lives safer and futures brighter by tapping into our knowledge, resources and passions. We keep good at the center of people's lives.

Man and woman talking in meeting.

We take appropriate risks

We aren't afraid to speak up, try new things, challenge the status quo and innovate. We take educated risks to be on the leading edge. We aren't afraid to fail because mistakes can sometimes be our best teacher. We never compromise our integrity or reputation.

We leverage our capabilities

We have a strong capital position, deep consumer insights, rich data and talented people. We have the reach, brands and scale we need to get to the next level. Our business is about more than money. It's about people taking care of people. Our people develop winning strategies to attract customers, drive growth and opportunity, and beat the competition

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