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Our Shared Purpose

Our Shared Purpose

We help customers realize their hopes and dreams by providing the best products and services to protect them from life's uncertainties and prepare them for the future.

Allstate is a different kind of company

Our Shared Purpose is our guide. It holds the key to our collective success AS A FORCE FOR GOOD — for our customers, shareholders, communities, society and the world — as well as each individual's success in achieving personal purpose in life.

We're 75,000+ unique individuals who come together as one team to win the hearts of our customers. Bound by a deep desire to have meaning in our lives and our work, we joined Allstate to make a difference.

Here you will find insights about our vision, strategy and the kind of culture we need to drive results. Use it to connect your personal purpose to Allstate and be the FORCE FOR GOOD you are... in big and little ways.

Jessica Ruiz

Jessica shares a heartfelt story of how the seemingly simple act of selling a life insurance policy made a world of difference for an Allstate customer. Watch to learn about Jessica's passion for taking care of the customer and demonstrating how we are a force for good, one policy at a time.

Allstate catastrophe employee hugging customer.

We are a force for good.

The best brands and companies don't settle for satisfactory...they dare to be great. It's only through our collective power that we'll harness all of the good through everyday heroic acts that take care of our customers and make the world a better place.

Our customers expect three things from us in order to believe we're not just another insurance company:

Do the right thing

Never compromise our values.

Integrity and ethics drive how we operate. We are fair and trustworthy.

Put people ahead

Imagine yourself in their situation.

We see customers as people, not as numbers, policies or claims. Understanding their perspectives helps us act with empathy and design processes around their needs.

Defy expectations:

Go the extra mile.

We don't wait for bad to happen to do good. And we deliver what people wouldn't expect from an insurance company.

Did you know?

The four arrows represent all of us coming together with a common focus. The arrows create a "positive" out of the space between them. The resulting plus sign symbolizes the GOOD we bring to customers' lives.

Individually, we are heroes. Together, we are a force for good.

Allstate's force for good logo.
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