What does ATV insurance cover?

A standard ATV insurance policy typically comes with liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. Depending on where you live, liability coverage may be required. Regardless, carrying ATV insurance is always a good idea. On your next adventure, you'll know that you have a safety net, just in case.

Here are the coverages you may find on an Allstate® ATV insurance policy:

  • Bodily injury liability
    If you're at-fault in an accident and the other person is injured, this helps pay for their medical bills.
  • Property damage liability
    Covers costs related to repairs if you damage someone else's property.
  • Collision coverage
    Helps repair or replace your vehicle if you collide with another vehicle or an object such as a tree or fence. It applies regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage
    Covers damage to your ATV resulting from non-collision accidents, such as theft, vandalism, hail damage or damage from fallen trees.
  • Optional or added equipment coverage
    Covers aftermarket parts you've added to your ATV, including lighting, windshields and fairings, racks and more.

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Deductibles and limits

When purchasing ATV insurance, it's important to consider your coverage limits and deductibles. A coverage limit is the maximum amount Allstate will reimburse you for a covered loss. You can set your coverage limits when you buy an ATV policy.

A deductible is what you pay out of pocket before coverage kicks in. Higher deductibles typically mean lower premiums, but you'd pay more out of pocket when filing a claim.