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Working at
Allstate Northern Ireland

Do you want to . . .

Work four days and get paid for Five days.
Flexible work schedule.
Go to beer and pizza nights.
Enjoy discounts on your gym membership.
Take advantage of duvet days.
Free dental care

Working at Allstate Northern Ireland

If you want to work 4 days and get paid for 5? Allstate Northern Ireland now offer condensed working hours.


If you like the sound of beer and pizza, dress down days, duvet days, money off gym fees, free dental care, and flexible working hours; together with good reward packages and a career in IT? Allstate Northern Ireland has the job for you.

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Allstate Northern Ireland offer a wide range of jobs, including software development and maintenance at their locations in Belfast and Derry and support roles at its call centre in Strabane.

The Belfast and Derry offices have been offering software development and maintenance services to our parent company, the Allstate Corporation since 1999 and 2001 respectively. The Strabane office provides a vital systems support role for all Allstate clients and employees. Allstate NI employs over 1,900 people.

Its maintenance & support teams are responsible for the management of a number of Allstate's insurance systems which are critical to the company's operations. These core software systems and infrastructure services are maintained and supported by IT professionals at all three sites in Northern Ireland. The technologies and platforms include both existing and leading edge solutions which provide Allstate with a high quality and secure service.

Jobs within Allstate NI's project development teams include working on a range of technologies including older legacy systems such as Cobol, DB2 etc right through to more modern technologies such as Java, C++ and .Net.

Allstate NI recruits the best talent both at experienced and graduate level in order to meet and exceed the technological and business development needs of our customer. It is great place to start your career or develop it further.

In addition to its recruiting efforts Allstate NI strives to keep its most valuable assets within the Allstate NI family. To that end Allstate NI has a comprehensive benefits package and range of flexible working practices unparalleled in the employment field. The Irish News paid tribute to Allstate NI, awarding the company the prestigious 'Best Place to Work Award' in 2007 and the "Talent Management Award" in 2008.

Allstate Northern Ireland is an equal opportunities employer and is an Investors in People Champion. Allstate NI became the youngest company in NI to win the Investors in People standard, the first in Northern Ireland (3rd in UK) to win the Investors in People Work Life Balance Award and is one of 9 UK companies to hold the prestigious Investors Champion award for exemplary people and talent management.

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