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Allstate Northern Ireland benefits.

Ciaran Durkin, Security Analyst, Allstate Northern Ireland

Allstate Northern Ireland, Ciaran Durkin, Security Analyst.

Why you wanted to work for Allstate:

Allstate NI came out to my college a couple of months before I finished my studies and they gave a presentation on everything from the kind of work they are involved in, to a day in the life of your average Allstate NI employee.

They also mentioned the different incentives available upon joining such as the free health and dental care, Sports and Social, flexible working hours and so on as well as the chance to develop my career with the company. It was on the basis of this that I decided to apply for a position.

What you enjoy most about working for Allstate:

I enjoy the healthy and friendly work environment that exists. It enabled me to adapt quite quickly when I first joined as I was a bit nervous and wasn't too sure what to expect coming straight out of college into my first IT job.

Describe a typical day at the office:

The thing about Allstate NI is that every day can be different. In my line of work at present I work a lot on various Network requests submitted by clients, which means I communicate on a daily basis with clients who located here in Northern Ireland, India and the US.

What makes Allstate NI brilliant is that everyone is part of a team and there is always someone available to answer any questions you may have.

Extra Curricular activities:

The extra-curricular activities are brilliant as they offer a great way for employees to get involved in all types of sports and social activities and they also help you meet new people. I've been here over 10 months now and I am involved in sports such as Dodgeball, Soccer, Badminton, and I plan on participating in a lot more in the future. I enjoy trying new things and Allstate NI has so many Sports and Social clubs that you can be learning to play the guitar one day and the next you could be playing golf, doing ju jitsu or even playing indoor hockey.

What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to get into your area of work?

My goal when I first joined Allstate NI was to get into a security role as this is what I studied at college previous to joining. When I applied as an IT Graduate there weren't any security roles being advertised however I have recently been given the opportunity to work in this area.

I would suggest for anyone looking to get into IT they should undertake a degree in computing and choose at some point along the way where they would like to specialize in, be it databases, security, networking, web development etc. as they will find there is so much opportunities and many career paths available in all.

Allstate Northern Ireland benefits.

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