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Allstate Northern Ireland benefits.

Leigh Forgie, Quality Control Analyst, Enterprise Testing and Release Management, Allstate Northern Ireland

Allstate Northern Ireland, Leigh Forgie, Quality Control Analyst.

Why you wanted to work for Allstate:

I've always had an interest in IT and upon seeing an opportunity for non-IT graduates, I decided to pursue a career with Allstate. Admittedly the perks were what initially drew me in, such as flexible working hours, building a pension and the sports and social events, but upon joining I quickly realized there was a huge scope of opportunity within a company that operates globally.

What you enjoy most about working for Allstate:

I enjoy the variety that my job brings. As the company evolves, so does the software, meaning that planning and executing testing scenarios is never a monotonous task. Because my team operates from the perspective of the end user, we're also able to provide feedback that could potentially improve a piece of software, making it a more user friendly experience for the customer. I work with colleagues India, America and all around Northern Ireland, so it's quite a satisfying experience when a team operating all across the world comes together to resolve defects found in a piece of code.

Describe a typical day at the office:

In my current team, I test a wide range of programs and apps that are always changing to fit the business needs of the customer. No one day is ever the same. I could be testing the functionality of a website on a Monday, and by Friday I could be testing an app for a smart phone. Outside of my team, I also am part of an innovation think tank for the organization. Along with selected innovative champions from other teams, I consider ways that both the company and the industry can improve upon current processes in software testing.

Extra-Curricular activities:

Allstate's Sports and Social scheme means there's always a great night out at the end of each month. It also provides discounts for concerts and sporting events, something which I've taken full advantage of during my time here. There are also plenty of opportunities to give back to the community. Whenever I get the chance I volunteer with the X the Text scheme, which makes young road users aware of the dangers of texting from behind the wheel.

What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to get into your area of work?

To always question your approach to testing. The testing sector is constantly growing, meaning that there's plenty of room for exploration. New software developments mean that there are potentially new ways for defects to arise, causing both financial and reputable damage. It pays to be innovative within Allstate, particularly if you can come up with just one idea that will roll out company wide.

Allstate Northern Ireland benefits.

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