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Allstate Northern Ireland Office

Northland Office, Springtown Business Park, Derry

Allstate Northern Ireland - L'Derry Office. The Allstate NI Derry Office was opened in 2001. L'Derry was a prime location due to the number of high calibre IT graduates from the University of Ulster campus which has one of the largest IT faculties in the UK. Due to this steady stream of graduates the office has grown rapidly and now has over 350 employees working in Derry out of its new office location in the Springtown Business Park.

Many departments and specialities can be found in the Northland Offices, providing services to the US including;

  • Project Management
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Mobile Development
  • .NET Development
  • Back office

Allstate Canada

Allstate Northern Ireland provides support to our Allstate Canada partners in several different technology and business areas; ranging from Claims, New Business and Endorsements, Infrastructure Support, direct sales and web presence. The work undertaken by staff within the Northland Office is critical to the day to day operations of Allstate Canada's information technology and technical services areas. There are four distinct teams within Allstate Northern Ireland that are spread across 3 different Northern Ireland sites (Derry, Belfast and Strabane); the team members within these teams supplement teams within Allstate Canada. Allstate NI are involved in some of the top priority projects and have recently redeveloped Allstate Canada's website—providing a level of expertise within the web program which enables Allstate Canada's overall IT strategy which is to increase direct sales through their website, which has been completely redeveloped using modern technologies, such as teamsite, ASP.Net, SQL Server and Javascript.

Voice Infrastructure Teams

Allstate is home to a very large and varied voice infrastructure, providing call processing for the Enterprise via 2 data centres where ANI host a hub environment, providing all critical core voice services. These services include Speech Recognition treatment for our Interactive Voice response systems, Advanced Segmentation of calls, advanced call reporting, Call Recording, Virtual Hold Treatment and Voicemail. Currently ANI service approximately 3000 Toll Free Numbers supporting an average of 5.6 million calls across more than 120 Voice applications.

Emerging Business Technology

The Emerging Business area within Allstate is a combination of separate and quite individual businesses. Allstate NI is involved in helping to support several of these businesses including Allstate Business Insurance, Encompass, North Light and Allstate Roadside Services.

Location: L'Derry

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Allstate Northland
Springtown Business Park,
Office 2,
Northland Road, L'Derry, BT48 0GY
Tel. +44 (0) 28 9067 8000

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