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Allstate Northern Ireland


Employee Profiles

Allstate Northern Ireland

Employee Profiles

Profile: Jim — Business Analyst

Profile: Jim McCoy, Business Analyst

"I joined Allstate in 2004 although have worked in IT since 1973(!), initially as an analyst programmer with Rolls-Royce (until 1977) and then as a systems analyst/team leader in Harland and Wolff until 2003. I joined Allstate Financial Technology on the Common Business Services team, developing a web service to allocate unique Life and Annuity policy numbers. The web service received data from an online life application, returned single policy numbers, and worked also as a web UI which received requests and generated bulk policy numbers in bar code format. This project was developed using the Agile methodology and involved three iterations of release, requirements, use cases, on site (US) training and implementation.

In 2006 we merged with another Belfast team supporting AFT's agent driven website. Although this joint team initially developed service change requests, as experience grew, we were gradually given more strategic projects. Over the years I have forged great relationships at Allstate, both locally and in the US."

Profile: Karen — Consultant Software Developer

Profile: karen Thomas, Consultant Software Developer

"I joined the company as a senior software developer with 2 years experience in August 2001. I initially started in the mainframe legacy systems area working in VisualAge. Within a year and a half, I was retrained as a C# developer and moved on to a .Net team, where I have worked ever since. I have had the opportunity to train as an architect on my current Web Development team and travelled to America for 3 weeks of intensive training. This role lasted for about 2 years, during which time I helped to approve designs for new projects and suggest patterns and best practices.

As a Consultant level developer, with 13 years IT experience, I am one of the more senior members of my team and have the responsibility of being Tech Lead on a number of large high profile projects and I have also started to perform the role of Systems Analyst on several projects. I am also an active member of the Design Review Board which reviews and approves designs for all projects going to Production.

I like working for Allstate as I enjoy the opportunity to rotate around different teams, meeting different people. Also, I enjoyed having the opportunity to be able to work as a developer and architect. There is always something new and different.".

Profile: JP — Java Developer

Profile: John Paul Mullan, Java Developer, Alliance Team "I would recommend Allstate as I have been able to get involved in such a broad range of tasks, from my day to day programming activities such as coding and testing solutions to façade application bugs and inspecting the code of more junior team members, right through to things like the Thanks-a-Million initiative. This initiative involved Allstate employees calling Allstate customers to thank them for their business and discuss any issues or concerns they may have and it was a great opportunity for an IT person to speak to an insurance customer directly. In Allstate I have worked on the old Alstar system and related systems such as VIN, moving to the new Alliance system. It's hard work but an exciting time working on Alliance as it's still being rolled out across the US.

I make full use of our wide range of options for flexible working which helps with my work life balance and I am very involved with the excellent sports and social side of the company. I also met my wife whilst working and we were married in 2012."

Find out more about John Paul by clicking here.

Profile: Colm Grady — Application Developer

Profile: Colm Grady, Application Developer

"I started with Allstate in 2004 after completing the Bridge to Employment programme. I worked on an ASP web application which required db redesign and user interface changes. After 1 year I moved into a .NET role on a team who were converting their web apps to ASP.NET. After 7 years working on many applications within that team I moved to CTS to join the triage team. I've now just completed training within the Encompass team to get involved in their .Net development projects. I like the flexible working environment and friendly atmosphere at Allstate Northern Ireland and the opportunity for progression."

Profile: Rodney — Application Developer

Profile: Rodney Moore, Application Developer—Specialist

"Allstate Northern Ireland offers the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and technologies, from developing smaller scale bespoke software applications to large scale enterprise level solutions. Allstate also offers a great work life balance as well as clear career progression opportunities within the organisation. There is a strong culture of respect within the company and since starting with the company in 2010, I have worked with 3 teams. Each team I have worked on to date has offered a different challenge and the opportunity to develop my experience and skills. I have also received training in Connexus—Policy Decisions and AIC.Net Framework."

Profile: Nuala Ker — Software Developer

Profile: Nuala Ker, Software Developer

"I started working at Allstate in September 2000 as a programmer/analyst on the Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) team, then on the Agents' Compensation team. I now work on the Claims Incidents team resolving clients' issues. I like working at Allstate Northern Ireland as it has a great work-life balance scheme, I enjoy part-time working and there is flexibility when required. There are many additional benefits including private medical, eye care vouchers and dental care, all of which have made a big difference to me. I also avail of travel to work schemes which saves money by taking the train each day."

Profile: Simon Kelso — Application Developer, Tech Lead

Profile: Simon Kelso, Application Developer, Tech Lead

"I started at Allstate Northern Ireland in April 2006 as an XML Architect, then moved back into software development into the Stats DB Team, then progressed onto the Express Repair Link Team. I like working for Allstate as I have a good work-life balance with good perks such as Dental Insurance and a Health Plan, plus we get the chance to travel to the US for certain projects."

Profile: James Hutchinson — Application Developer

Profile: James Hutchinson, Application Developer

"I started working for Allstate in 2007 as a developer within the voice team, developing and maintaining Java based IVRs. Since then I've worked on VB .NET based web apps, and C# based web apps. I started writing C and C++ code within a UNIX environment to develop an AS400 emulator. Since then I've developed C/C++ windows apps, Java based web apps, before moving into C# based windows apps. More recently I've developed Flex based web apps, that hit a Java servlet based back end. The opportunity to gain experience in .NET web apps has been a real plus. I mainly like working for Allstate because of the friendliness of the people, the work life balance, and the opportunity to nip out at lunch to one of the many exercise classes that are organised by the Sports and Social Committee. I also learnt how to play a board game called Go from an Allstate employee, of which I am now the current Irish champion."

Profile: Rajani Lanka — Application Developer — Claim Self Service Team

Profile: Rajani Lanka, Application Developer - Claim Self Service Team

"I started working for Allstate in September 2008 on the FNOL and Desktop system. These systems involved working with VB.NET and ASP.NET. Since then I have progressed to Lead Tech Developer for the Claim Self Service and Claim Status application where I have developed my skills in C# and webservices, as well as using existing skills such as ASP.NET and JavaScript. I like working for Allstate as it gives me a lot of job satisfaction, I am able to utilize the knowledge I have, while still being able to acquire more knowledge through my role as Tech Lead. Allstate provides a great work life balance and I feel very appreciated and that my job is secure."

Profile: Shane O'Hanlon — Software Developer

Profile: Shane O’Hanlon, Software Developer

"I started working for Allstate in 2007 as an entry level IT graduate. My first role was as a JavaScript developer on the Service Catalog Team. After four years I have moved to the Core Services Team. Further to this, I am part of the Innovation Board, have been involved with marketing and Community and Social Responsibility projects. Outside of work I am studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science part-time. In work I have completed a vast array of training in a number of different technologies including SQL, ITIL, Security, and Tibco Technologies.

I have found Allstate to be an excellent fit for me. There is a great sense of community here and everyone works well together. The work is challenging and interesting and there is a lot of room for advancement in the company while also increasing your skill set. The flexibility works very well; allowing me to study outside of work. The benefits package is excellent especially the pension scheme which Allstate contributes to."

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