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Allstate Northern Ireland Diversity

2016 Company Survey Results:
96% believe their team has a climate in which diverse perspectives are valued.
97% of staff that that ANI would treat any allegations of discrimination seriously.
97.9% of employees think that ANI is an equal opportunities employer.
75% of employees are male and 25% are female—this reflects the gender split in the IT industry as a whole.
26% of Team Managers are female & 24% of Senior Managers & Area Leaders are female.

Allstate NI's Diversity and Equality Programme has successfully integrated diversity into the organisational culture. It is not a singular programme but an ongoing, integrated corporate initiative that enhances the company's ability to attract, motivate and retain a diverse pool of high performing employees necessary for a successful business with unprecedented growth in Northern Ireland. The definition of diversity is not restricted to representation of migrant workers, but extends to include a high representation of females in a male dominated industry, a high representation of disabled employees and a diverse age range which includes employees over the normal age of retirement. Diversity Training covers topics such as Discrimination, Harrassment, Bullying, Equality Legislation and Cultural Diversity is incorporated into our induction programme to ensure every employee receives the training.

Migrant Workers

Allstate Northern Ireland partners with Belfast GEMS, a local community group on the "Talk-IT" program. This programme provides migrant workers with English classes to further improve their spoken and written English. If you are a migrant worker, this booklet entitled "Living in Belfast: Integration Guide" may be of use to you.

Encouraging Females into the IT Industry

Results of the 2013 Equal Pay Review show that male and females in ANI are receiving equal pay for doing the same job. Allstate Northern Ireland works hard to attract females into the industry, delivering presentations at local all girls schools as well as offering a wide range of flexible working options such as condensed working, part-time working, working from home and career breaks as well as emergency leave. It has a 100% return rate after maternity leave, showcasing a forward thinking company when it comes to keeping talent in the organisation.

Employees with Caring Responsibilities

ANI recognises the importance of Work Life Balance and the company's comprehensive suite of flexible working policies reflects this. Employees who have childcare and/or eldercare responsibilites can not only avail of statutory benefits, they can also avail of extended time off in the form of Career Breaks up to 6 months, home working and condensed or part time working to strike a better balance between their work and home life.

Over the normal age of retirement

John Healy, Allstate NI's Managing Director's adage is that if you have the talent, then we need you. In recent years Allstate NI has attracted a number of retirees who decided to return to work for a number of reasons. Many of them agree that the flexibility of working at Allstate allows them to still work in a job that they enjoy whilst having a good standard of living and time off when they need it.

Disabled Employees or Employees with Health Issues

Trained members of the HR team conduct ergonomic assessments throughout the year and equipment is purchased for staff that have disabilities or health problems to improve their work environment.

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