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Diverse Workforce


Allstate NI's Diversity and Equality Programme has successfully integrated diversity into the organisational culture. It is not a singular programme but an ongoing, integrated corporate initiative that enhances the company's ability to attract, motivate and retain a diverse pool of high performing employees necessary for a successful business with unprecedented growth in Northern Ireland.

Allstate NI believe that diversity is centric to cultivating a culture of mutual respect whereby the strengths and talents of each individual are recognised, ultimately leading to synergistic working.

Some of Allstate NI's Diversity focuses include:

Employees from the LGBT community
In 2016 Allstate NI employees launched 'Embrace' an employee led initiative to promote an inclusive work environment for Allstate employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual (GLBTQIA) or those who support this community. Like other employee networking groups, Embrace strives to help its members reach their full potential without fear of discrimination. It has an agenda to seek out opportunities to add value to the business by sponsoring education sessions and collaborating with other employee network groups. Embrace is also a member of the Diversity Champions' program hosted by the Rainbow Project team in Belfast.

Female employees In Technology:
Women in Technology at Allstate (WITA) launched in August 2016 in Belfast with over 50 women coming together from various Allstate NI business areas. WITA is focused on women helping each other in the industry, sharing their own unique experiences, and offering peer to peer support and mentorship. WITA represent a group of women with career experience and a passion for technology, and are advocated by Allstate NI males interested in helping to advance women in the industry.

Most recently in 2017 WITA and Allstate NI have partnered with Lean In Belfast, a local circle of female business women founded on the Lean In philosophy of Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg. Throughout 2017 Allstate played host to a comprehensive calendar of events, open to Lean In members from across Belfast seeking to explore and maximise their career potential- without bias.

Allstate NI partnered with Women in Business NI in 2017 to launch the Diversity Charter Mark, a NI-wide initiative across all business sectors, addressing and supporting the diversity agenda. Allstate WITA (NI) have been a driving force behind this initiative. Allstate NI have also been awarded Charter Mark Bronze Status — the first award milestone on the road to optimal Gold status.

Diversity Mark NI enables organisations to apply for a charter mark which will recognise their commitment to, and progress on diversity & inclusion. The Charter follows a methodology of self-assessment, target-setting and review, and it prioritises continuous progression with goals set by, and appropriate to, each individual organisation.

Widespread adoption of the Charter commitments will make a genuine difference to gender diversity on a cross-sectorial basis and will help make the most of Northern Ireland's talented workforce in a global competitive economy.

Employees with Caring Responsibilities
Allstate Northern Ireland recognises the importance of Work Life Balance and the company's comprehensive suite of flexible working policies reflects this. Employees who have childcare and/or eldercare responsibilities can not only avail of statutory benefits, they can also avail of extended time off in the form of Career Breaks up to 6 months, home working and condensed or part time working to strike a better balance between their work and home life.

Allcare, is a new Carer's Network for any Allstate NI employee who is a carer; adult care, elder care, child care, and all special needs. This network lends peer to peer support, and equally involves external organisations offering Carer support and advice.

People above the Normal State Pension Age
John Healy, Allstate NI's Managing Director's adage is that if you have the talent, then we need you. In recent years Allstate has attracted a number of retirees who decided to return to work for a number of reasons. Many of them agree that the flexibility of working at Allstate allows them to still work in a job that they enjoy whilst having a good standard of living and time off when they need it.

Disabled Employees or Employees with Health Issues
Trained members of the HR team conduct ergonomic assessments throughout the year and equipment is purchased for staff that have disabilities or health problems to improve their work environment.

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