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XtheTXT Initiative

Four years ago Allstate Northern Ireland decided to launch the XtheTXT campaign in schools locally as part of Allstate's Community Responsibility program. The main principle is to educate young drivers and influenceattitudes and behaviors towards road safety.

The team works in close partnership with the PSNI and DOE — a clear indication of the quality of the program.

Business in the Community judge, John Heaslip, said: "Allstate's X the TXT — Don't Text & Drive campaign sets the standard for good corporate social responsibility. It shows that when a business uses their unique skills in partnership with others, they can really make a difference in their community.

Icon - Don't Text and Drive campaign There is an issue in Northern Ireland with the amount of young people causing collisions due to texting whilst driving and our aim is to give young people vital information relating to the dangers and risks involved with carless driving. The campaign aims not only to reduce the number of collisions caused by texting and driving but to teach young people of the social and legal impacts it could have on their future.

According to Rose Kelly, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer of Allstate Northern Ireland the key objective of the campaign is to inform and educate students approaching driving age that text messaging is a significant distraction to the serious business of driving with potentially fatal consequences. Our aim is to deliver a series of awareness events in local schools for year 13 and 14 students which will promote awareness of the dangers of text messaging while driving particularly amongst younger and inexperienced drivers.

We aim to continue to promote safe driving through our XtheTXT campaign, committing to 2 events per week during the academic year. We have got 15,000+ students across NI who have received the XtheTXT workshop and pledged not the text and drive.

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If you would like the XtheTXT team to visit your school then email Hayley Ferguson at

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