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Our Environment

Allstate NI accepts an obligation to comply with all relevant legislation and minimise its impact upon the environment. In recognition of this, we have implemented an environmental management system that focuses on:

A pair of hands with plants in the shape of C, S, and R
  • seeking to conserve natural energy sources and to help limit greenhouse gas emissions;
  • water conservation to help preserve this natural resource;
  • engaging in responsible waste management to limit our impact on landfill sites, resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging large-scale recycling;
  • aiming to improve overall air quality by minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels and reducing harmful emissions, airborne pollutants, traffic and parking congestion;
  • raising awareness of environmental matters amongst our employees.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Allstate NI is proud to support a healthy workforce, promoting cycling to work initiatives to our employees. We have taken advantage of the government's 'cycle to work' scheme to buy over 700 bikes for its staff and a secure cycle cage has also been built in a car park just meters from the entrance. With continual upgrades and safety features, the cage has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

Allstate Northern Ireland employees biking to work.

Managing director Bro McFerran spoke highly of the scheme and hopes there will soon be other incentives so companies can do more for their employees. "They should also encourage employers to do the same thing by putting in showers and helping people who not only want to cycle in, but run in or walk in, and I think it is important that they do that as well".

Water Champion

Allstate NI was awarded a gold award for saving water and providing water efficiency information to all staff. You can save between 30% and 50% off your water bills by implementing no or low cost water reduction technologies. By working with the Consumer Council we are trying to reduce our water use and raise awareness of what we can all do at work and at home to look after this precious resource.

Environmental Committee

In 2013 our provider, Bryson House, recycled 214 bags of our plastic bottles, 109 bags of our paper and 91 bags of our cans, enough to divert 27 commercial (1100 Ltr) waste bins from landfill or almost 40ft container. This is a 34% reduction on 2012 which is great news. In the 2013 Business In The Community (BITC) ARENA survey, which is an annual assessment of a company's environmental credentials, Allstate NI achieved another Quartile 1 score making it one of the top performing companies in its industry sector. A environment graph showing how much waste reduction Allstate Northern Ireland did in 2012

Environment Day 2013

17 Allstate NI volunteers from across all three offices joined a 140 volunteer strong army of eco-warriors' on Friday 20 September as part of Business in the Community's Environment Action Day to tackle projects of an environmental nature. Each volunteer was supported by their employer to get involved with a project which would help conserve our environment and heritage in Northern Ireland. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Hilary Hanberry, Business in the Community's Volunteering Manager, explains "Environment Day gives employees a unique opportunity to make a difference to the communities in which they live and work. Working in teams, volunteers contributed their skills, talent and experience to a 'green' cause and of course had a bit of fun along the way."

Allstate NI are thrilled to have been part of a day that gives back to the community, builds employee relationships and helps the environment and we would like to thank everyone that took part!

"It was great to get out of the office for the day and take part in the World Environment Day project at the Rosses. It was great being able to make a difference for the residents of the housing scheme, and to meet up with old friends from previous projects, said Emmet, a Northland employee.

An Environmentally Friendly Company

Allstate NI ranks in the top 10% of environmentally conscious business in Northern Ireland according to Business in the Community NI's ARENA benchmarking.

Our efforts to reduce CO2 output by business travel and employee commuting include;

Icon of a person riding a bike. 600+ Bikes purchased through the Cycle to Work scheme. TaxSmart
Allstate NI currently supply 55 employees with bus
passes through the tax efficient TaxSmart scheme.
Employees save around 48% on their bus travel
compared with purchasing 40 journey tickets.

Train Passes
Allstate NI also provide 77 employees with 12 month
interest free loans to purchase their Translink Annual
Commuter Cards thus saving 20% on Train travel
(compared with monthly tickets).

Cycling To Work
Allstate NI have supplied over 700 bicycles to
employees through our cycle to work scheme. A bicycle
cage has also been built to securely hold 50 bicycles.

Car Sharing
70 employees have set up a profile on the Allstate NI
car sharing website which matches employees making
a similar journey to work.

Business Travel
Allstate NI invested in teleconferencing equipment from
2009-2011 to allow communication between all three
Northern Ireland offices and to reduce interoffice travel.
Finally, travel systems were set up to record, monitor
and approve international travel only where required.

Home Working
15% of Allstate NI employees work from home up to four
days per week thus avoiding any pollution or congestion
associated with the daily commute.

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