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Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed and Engaged Employees Where possible we take a lead on Corporate Social Responsibility from our parent company, the Allstate Corporation in the US, whilst ensuring that every objective is culturally aligned to Northern Ireland. Being a responsible organisation is important to our success and that of the customers and communities we serve internationally. Corporate responsibility is embedded in our values and informs how we conduct business, develop products and services and deliver on our goals and commitments.

Our CSR activities demonstrate how our business practices and operations impact local communities across Northern Ireland. We are modifying our business practices and living up to our people, community and environmental goals by supporting leadership development, voluntary work and diversity in the work place.

The theme for this initiative, Community-People- Environment, is inspired by our deeply committed and engaged employees. Every day, they turn information, ideas and expertise into products and services that improve people's lives. Using our knowledge for good is expressed in many stories — from safer driving and IT literacy to protecting the environment and encouraging a better work-life balance for employees. In these ways, we support the sustainability of our business and those whose lives we have the privilege to touch.

For Allstate Northern Ireland, the CSR programme is about the integrity with which the company governs itself, how it fulfills its mission and the values it has and what it wants to stand for. Allstate NI recognizes the growing significance of being an ethically and socially responsible organization and is driving forward an enhanced way of doing business in Northern Ireland through its engagement in a multi award winning corporate social responsibility program in which all managers actively participate.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Click here to view the Allstate Northern Ireland Supplier Code of Ethics.

"As corporate citizens, we make a significant contribution to the communities in which we live and work. We will make our communities and our nation a better and safer place to live." Allstate's Our Shared Vision

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