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In partnership with Business in the Community

Pink hand icon - 100 employees take part in Business in the community programmes. We are proud to be a member of Business in the Community in Northern Ireland, promoting opportunities for women in the workplace and being a part of a significant number of award winning community initiatives including Time to Compute and Time to Read. These initiatives involve employees volunteering to teach children computer skills and to help them to improve their reading.

Business in the Community is a membership organisation for companies that are committed to doing business responsibly and working together on societal issues where they can make a real difference. We give back to our community through BITC volunteer programmes.

Give & Gain Day

23 Allstate NI employees took part in activities across the province for worthy causes as part of National Give & Gain Day on Friday 17th April 2013. The event, which is organised by Business in the Community allows volunteers to donate their time to the communities they live or work in by helping out at various locations. This is a national event and over 200 volunteers were out and about across Northern Ireland with over 12,000 volunteers across the UK.

Be a Saint Day

Allstate Northern Ireland participates in Be a Saint Day. Allstate NI employees dedicate their time for the benefit of others in this joint initiative organised by Business in the Community and Volunteer Now.

Silver Surfers Day

In 2013 29 Allstate NI volunteers ventured out to their local libraries and provided hands on advice and demonstrations on everything from sending an email to setting up a Facebook account or even learning how to use online shopping and banking.

Allstate Northern Ireland participates in Silver Surfers. "We are delighted by the commitment of our business volunteers who make Silver Surfers' Day a priority in their business calendar each year," explains Hilary Hanberry, Volunteering Manager, Business in the Community. "The importance of digital inclusion cannot be underestimated. Being able to find, research and buy items online is becoming increasingly important. Silver Surfers' Day aims to help those with the potential to be digitally excluded to have the support they need. We are delighted with the commitment, enthusiasm and energy our business volunteers bring to Silver Surfers' Day year on year."

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