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Belfast…Time to Return

Time to Return


Belfast…Time to Return - Employee Spotlight

Peter Eastwood, Senior Product Designer

Allstate Northern Ireland employee, Peter.

Tell us a bit about your career to date.

After university I spent almost two years working as a designer for a start-up in Dublin as well as doing freelance on the side. I decided to leave Dublin and move to Belfast for an opportunity with Allstate. Since then I have quickly progressed into a team management role as a senior designer.

What was the deciding factors for you when choosing to move back to Belfast from Dublin?

I will always miss Dublin but leaving there for Belfast was a no-brainer considering the stark contrast in rent prices. The role in Allstate was also too good an opportunity to turn down, with high quality training and opportunities to travel and work with multiple disciplines. I have lots of friends in Belfast which made the transition much easier. The journey home to Derry at weekends is also much easier than from Dublin. Belfast has a great nightlife with lots of live music on offer and some great restaurants and cafes.

What do you notice are the key differences in living and working in Belfast compared to Dublin?

The cost of living is significantly lower than Dublin. My salary goes a lot further. Within a year of moving to Belfast I was able to buy a 2-bedroom house just outside the city centre. It takes just 6-7 minutes to cycle to work. Taxis and transport in general are much cheaper also.

What would your advice be to anyone who's currently working away and considering a move back to Belfast?

My advice would be to do it. Not just because the cost of living is cheaper and it's manageable to buy a house, but because Belfast has lots going on culturally with lots of opportunity.

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